#165 Racing is life – S2 E9 – The VLN changed its name & what that means for my project

What is known as the VLN will change its name for the new season in 2020 to “Nürburgring Langstrecken-Serie“.

Well, what seems to be the right step in order to make this racing series even more popular, will have a dramatic influence on my goals list…

I wanted to participate in the VLN, now, I can not reach that goal anymore… what a shock…

Image source: https://www.vln.de/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/IMG_3941.jpg 11.12.19

But on a series note. For me personally, changing the name from the VLN to something people can actually make sense of, is the right step. How often did I need to explain what the VLN actually is?! Too numerous to count! But of course, it is not only a change of the name. As the press release suggests, they will also make a lot of changes.

Starting from a more customer oriented way of going through the registration of the events, they will also introduce a minimum pitstop time for all the classes, which hadn’t had pitstop time rules in the past and will also make some changes in certain classes to make it more easy for amateur drivers to get into the “Langstrecken Sport”. Besides splitting up the TCR into a “pro” and “am” category, the OPC-class will be reintroduced to the Nordschleife.

But what does that mean for me and my project? Well, as I have only analyzed the old rules for the project I have in mind, yet. I need to wait until the new rules will be available to check on the changes they have made. But of course, I can adapt my project accordingly, so there is nothing to worry about. Well, in fact, it may be possible, that the new changes will even help me! As I can already tell you with the “minimum pitstop time”, this is exactly the thing I wanted to have. I can not be more happy about that! But let’s wait until the correct rules and numbers will be published in the next couple of weeks.

I really hope, that they will not change the entry fees for the low cost classes dramatically, because the racing series, no matter how we call it, should be still a thing, that can be afforded by private hobby racing teams. But I guess, we will figure that out quite soon.

But speaking about your project, how is it going anyways?

As I have mentioned in another post some weeks back in time, I am using some of my classes here at University to organize the whole thing, analyze the difficulties and try to find the right strategy how to finally get this idea from my mind into the real world.

As one lecture about complexity and risk management is already over, I will give you an update about that in another post, but generally speaking, it helps a lot to figure things out. I mean, you know that from your own experience. Once you have an idea, everything seems to be great, but after some more thoughts about it, you start see the difficulties and the problems as well. You change your perspective and sometimes even the whole thing makes “Puffffff“. In that lecture I focused on the different project phases the project will go through and had a close up look at all the risks and issues that can come up. Due to the fact, that I needed to present the project in front of the class and document the project in a report anyways, now I have a presentation and a nearly finished report. Looks like this university class was really worth doing 🙂

To be continued…

See you next time!

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