#186 Changes in the blog for 2020

As we have talked about New Years resolutions and how to do them properly, yesterday. Today is all about the changes I will make in this blog for the new year 2020.

The road to success
The first thing that I will change, is pushing the “The road to success” day from Saturday to the Monday. I know, it makes absolutely no sense at all, why I was publishing a weekly report literally in the middle of the week, but that was due to the reason, that I wanted to have the Friday off from creative blog writing, making it an excel sheet and week recap day. But that problem is long gone, so, starting from next week on Monday, you will get the weekly report for the first week of the new year.

Discipline, Procrastination, and the like
Another point I want to change in the blog, is to focus more on my superpower, which is endless motivation that allows me to simply endure everything. I have mentioned that already multiple times in my blog, but we have never actually tried to implement it into your life as well. On Sunday, I have completed my first half year of daily writing. While for some, this alone would be an achievement, for me, it is just the logical consequence of what I am doing. I do not even realize that this can be considered as “something hard to do“. I decided once to do it, and then simply did it. That easy! But apparently it is not that easy, right? Otherwise, everyone would do things like that. So, the question is, can I teach you to do the same? To have that mindset, that endless willpower, that pushing through attitude? That radical way of living. Cutting everything unimportant away, and enjoy the tasks and things you really care about? At least we can try, right?
It is my personal believe, that this has nothing to do with my genes, or something similar. This is just Passion, Motivation & Mindset, in control, everywhere, every time. And if I can do that, you can do that as well! Welcome to another project. I do not know how to implement it yet, but I guess, we will figure that out, right? As we always do!

Project W (double you)
As the last couple of weeks have shown, I can not reach out to you and your personal life in the way, I originally wanted it to be. Therefore, I am working on a possibility to introduce a real life Project W (double you) experience, where I will offer one-on-one sessions with you, to be able to work on your unique situation in life. If you are interested in something like that, just let me know and get in contact with me.

The last change I want to implement into this blog, is somehow “learning” related. Due to the fact, that I will have my exam phase coming up at the end of January, I want to do a kind of a mini, or maybe maxi series about learning efficient and effective while having fun. I guess, I will make that a part of the Passion, Motivation & Mindset category, opening up a new sub-category, where we will tackle the world of using our brains once more.

And this is it. That is everything I want to change so far. If you think that I should change something else as well, please let me know! Write a comment, or just get in contact with me.

I wish you a successful year 2020. If you haven’t started the things you really want to do, today seems to be the perfect day for that!

You can do it, if you believe you can.

See you next time!

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