#199 Discipline – S1 E2 – The truth about yourself

Even the fact that you are currently reading this tells me something about you. And do you know what? It tells me that you want to change something in your life. It tells me that there is someone out there, eager to find out how to get this thing back under control. Well, while this statement suggests, that you where once the boss over your discipline and I am not so sure about that, I should rather say, “…that you are eager to find out how to get this thing under control.” But this is just a triviality in words, isn’t it?

Having discipline, or the lack of it, tells me another thing about you. I know, we shouldn’t let prejudices rule over our assumptions, but when it comes to the term “discipline”, this is sadly, or luckily, either way you want to see it, just the right thing to do. Discipline is not just a skill you have acquired over time, like a language, or a proper swimming technique. Because discipline is more universal in its own way. It’s not like you need to do one particular exercise only and afterwards you have mastered it perfectly, its rather a combination of a lot of different exercises you need to do.

But what makes it even harder is the fact, that you can not really measure it. It is not like practicing for a 100 meter run where you can check your times and see if you have improved or not. Or have you ever seen or heard of a discipline test? Not really, right?

Half year statistic 2019

So, where does discipline come from and how can we work on that? That is the next step to take, right? Well, not for today. Today, we will do something even harder. Are you ready? And go!

The truth about yourself.

If I would ask you, where is you discipline level on a scale from 1-10, with 10 being ultra super high, where is you discipline level at this very moment?

Can you answer that question for me, please? You do not need to tell me, nor do you need to tell anyone else. But, you need to tell it to yourself. And if your discipline level is somewhere underneath the two digit numbers on that scale, then the problem is not your lack of discipline, but rather you! You are the problem!


Discipline comes from within. Discipline is who you are. Discipline is the mirror to the world, that shows us what you stand for.

Of course you can learn to improve upon your situation and of course you can work with some tricks, making your life easier. But at the end of the day, it all starts in your head! Your mindset is the key to success! You believe what ever you want to believe. You do, what ever you want to do. You think, what ever you want to think.

But if you don’t want to do something and you think you don’t want to do this very thing and if you don’t believe in this task that stands in front of you, then why are you looking somewhere else for the answer. Your problem is not the lack of discipline, this is just the effect you see. The problem is your mindset, my friend.

If I would demand from you to get up at 4:30 am every single day, is that a question of having discipline, or a question of having the right mindset? I know, the borders seem to be floating. Somehow they are related. But what I want to tell you with that is the simple fact, that discipline is not like every other skill you need to learn. Compared to a language, where you need to put in some effort and hard work to see a progress, discipline is just one klick away. It is not like you need to learn some vocabularies first, or visiting a course. Discipline is already included into your brain. You just need to open the file and start the machine running.

Well, this sounds way too easy, does it? Where is the hard work? Where is the suffering? We will come to that, don’t worry. But for today, just get this into your head.

You are already equipped with everything you need. It is all there, the only problem? You don’t know how to operate the system.

But don’t worry! We will come to that! I will show you how to operate it! How to use it!

See you next time!

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