#1 What is this all about? – an Introduction

“What is this all about?”

“Dream & Act to Succeed”, this is the title I have chosen for my blog and this is the thing we will talk about. No matter what you do in life, this is the “holly grail”. This is the kind of advice an elderly man would use his last breath with, to share it with his surrounding family members on his deathbed in an over exaggerated Hollywood scene. Two little steps, that are making the difference all together. In this blog, I want to document the “secret”, “the ultimate way to success” or the “How to become successful”.

I know! Sounds so horrible! You are right! What do I know!?

But this time, it will be different! This time, we will use another approach. This time it will be the truth. No life hacks, no secrets to success, no bullshit. This is the real-life story, this is for you and me, the “normal people”. I will show you the “how to implement”, or the “how not to implement” this into our busy schedules.

“Why?”, you are asking? Because life is too short for doing things you do not like, for waiting for dreams to finally come true, for distracting yourself from your problems day by day or for wasting your time in this wonderful world.

In this blog I want to give you the exact “process”. But not only that, I want to show you the real-world consequences, I want to share the good moments and the bad ones. Very similar to Henry Clay, who ones taught James Pollard Espy a lesson on starting by the letter “A”, I want you to follow me on my journey. Step by step. Day by day.

“Why should you read this?”

Again, a very good question. Growing up with a disgust about everything longer than a single page, I found myself enjoying my first book, picked on a voluntary basis years later. And there it was, I have opened a locked door to wisdom. From now on, I would no longer bypass the chamber of knowledge without having a glimpse here and there. But what do I want to tell you with that side story? I know, reading takes a lot of time and time is something really valuable in your life. Not everyone enjoys sitting around and reading artificially elongated sentences in which the author wants to show his or her expertise on a certain kind of topic. Therefore, I will not try to bore you to death with my posts, but instead entertain you in a certain way, that activates your thinking process in the way, we want it to start working.

“What will this be about? What do you want to reach?”

Having defined this on the 7th of May in 2017, my current goals are really wide-ranging and this is not the right moment to introduce you to all of them, but generally speaking they can be divided into three groups. The personal/ development goals, the passionate goals and the work related goals. But this is not what you want to hear.

I will become a race car driver, an entrepreneur, an author, an engineer, a Porsche owner. I will be open minded, work as hard as possible, reflect my work, try new strategies and methods, learn new languages, and help others when ever I can.

This is what we will talk about!

Motorsport, entrepreneurship, improve your life, how to reach goals, how to motivate yourself, how to keep track of your tasks, how to deal with problems, how to solve problems, how to find support, how to help others, how to gain knowledge, how to set goals, how to meditate, what you should read, what you should listen to, the truth about life secrets, overcome obstacles, a lessons learned for a better future, and much more, until we finally will try to solve the ultimate problem on earth: How to become happy.

If you are interested in one or all of these things, I guess you will have a great time and can actually learn something for your own life. And if you are not, feel free to get passionate about it and join our community.

“How is this blog thing working from now on?”

Being a normal human being just like you are, my days are pretty packed. Therefore I can not and will not implement a regular posting date into my schedule. I will write something whenever I will plan for doing so. Having never actually written a blog post, I will try certain kind of blog styles to figure out the best way to give you the information you need, without getting my time schedule over the limit.

Starting with “A” like “Anfang” (beginning)?

Unfortunately, I am not standing at the beginning of my journey, therefore we will jump between different time periods quite a lot. But do not make the mistake to see this as a disadvantage! Because the game called life is not working in a straight line. There is no set start and finish, there are no rules or what ever, therefore jumping between project phases is the best thing you can actually do to improve your work by challenging your doings every day.

“Can I grab another beer now, or do you still have something to say?”

Of course I have! But I will try to make it short. When a race car engineer needs to set up a car for the next big race, feedback is the most important thing he needs to be able to do his job properly. Keeping this in mind, I need this kind of feedback loop as well. Therefore, I am inviting you to get in contact with me and give me feedback to what I am doing.

See you next time!


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