#151 Entrepreneurship & Business – S1 E1 – Introducing the new category

After yesterdays 150 days of daily blogging celebration, I want to introduce a new category to this blog. It will be called:

Entrepreneurship & Business

What can you expect from this category?

Well, as the title already suggests, we will talk about entrepreneurship and business in general, but we will also dive deep into the world of founding companies, analyzing markets, understanding the business essentials and everything else that suits that topic. We will have a closer look at existing business models, come up with new business ideas, or work on a real project.

Why are we doing this?

The world of entrepreneurship is simply put amazing. Why, you are asking? Because it gives us all the freedom we need. We are entrepreneurs already. Of course on a much smaller scale than others, but with some practice, even we can go out there and play with the big fishes.

How will this thing be organized?

Basically, just like every other category. There will be different seasons, with different episodes. But this time, I want to include some kind of “topic week” style posts as well, in order to really be able to analyze certain kind of business models.

What will be included into this category?

As a proper entrepreneur, I have of course already a lot of ideas in my mind. From starting an actual company, to brainstorming thousands of business ideas. This will be our playground to test new ways of businesses, talk about our ideas and share our knowledge.

What can you do?

You can interact with me and help working on that project. You are interested in entrepreneurship? You always wanted to start your own business? Working on your own projects? Change the world? This will be a great opportunity for you! Help me to grow this thing. Tell me what information you are missing. Show me what I am doing wrong. Together, we can rock this thing.

Final words

As mentioned in the #1 Introduction of this blog 151 days ago, this blog will also be about entrepreneurship. Today is the day, where we can finally welcome this subject to our portfolio of topics.

See you next time!

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