#224 Writing a daily blog – *Topic Week 6* – Day 5 – The truth about my blog

Looking back at the last 224 days, of course I must be proud. How many people have done something like that? Well, actually, quite a lot! In my eyes, this is not really an achievement. I mean, for sure, it is not bad for a start. But still, there is a long long way to go.

Today, I want to talk about what I feel. Well, sounds kind of strange, but actually is just a part of my general concept on this blog. If you have a look at my very first post, here is the link by the way, then you can see what I am talking about.

In this blog I want to give you the exact “process”. But not only that, I want to show you the real-world consequences, I want to share the good moments and the bad ones. Very similar to Henry Clay, who ones taught James Pollard Espy a lesson on starting by the letter “A”, I want you to follow me on my journey. Step by step. Day by day.

#1 What is this all about? – an Introduction

The real world consequences, the good moments and the bad ones. So, here we go.

As some of you might already know, I tend to go into the extreme in everything I do. Give me a bicycle and tell me to ride slowly and you will see what I am talking about. This isn’t me! I can not just fool around, wasting my valuable time with something that isn’t getting me anywhere closer to my goals. But is that really the right path? Is that really the right way? Today, I was listening to a podcast and got reminded of something quite important, that actually is the reason why I decided to take this topic for todays post.

Compared to everything I am doing, and with everything, I mean everything, the hardest thing is not the obvious. The hardest thing is not to study hard, not to work 16h a day, nor to write 150000 words in 224 posts in a row. The hardest thing is to actually get in touch with yourself. Being able to understand what you feel, what you are afraid of and allowing these emotions to actually come about. Showing your emotions, accept them and focusing on yourself. So, what is the hardest thing? It is to actually show them, to talk about them and to find a way how to get back into your balance. If someone might look at my life and what I am currently doing, they must think this guy has everything he needs. This guy is so lucky. This guy has an awesome life. But this is just how it looks like. This is just the outside. This is how others perceive me and my situation. But they can of course not detect what I feel, what I think, or what I am afraid of.

The truth is, I am just very insecure. I do not live in balance with myself. There is no harmony between my body and my mind. And where is this leading to? This is leading to misery, suffering and a lot of doubting. You have goals, sure. You have dreams, of course you have. But when will you be satisfied? After reaching these goals? After fulfilling these dreams? If you think that this is true, then you are on the wrong path, my friend. I was there! I tried it that way! It doesn’t work! Believe me! Life is not about that!

This unbalance is of course something I realize everyday. It has become a part of my daily life. A constant reminder that I need to tackle this. But again, this is not the easiest of things to do. Sure, I have at least understood that there is something wrong and that I actually need to change that. But here I am, standing on the same spot, having the same problems. Sure, I have made a lot of progress. But it is just different compared to other things. It is nothing you can simply measure, or have a look at the data after a day or two. It is something else.

You are asking yourself, why this is important for this topic week?

Well, actually it is super important. Because that is the thing that drives me everyday. My life is good, don’t get me wrong on this, but the thing is, I suffer, a lot. The idea I have in mind is to overcome these issues. Overcome those fears. But the thing is, this is neither unique nor special. This is not just happening to me. This is actually quite a common thing that may occur in each and everyones life.

My approach is to tackle these issues, using the momentum and changing our life’s. If someone has a depression or a burn out or something like that, the last thing they want to hear in that moment is something like this. “This will actually help you to move on. This will wake you up. Telling you what is important for you. It is time for you to move on. Evolve into the next level.” If you are in that situation, you really don’t understand something like that. How can someone say something like that to you? How can a depression help us? What is wrong with you, dude!? But after some time, you get the message, this statement is so clearly aiming for. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” This is not just a random thing to say, but actually the trues. I had this break down, I had these life changing events, but the question is, does that make any difference? Does that really change your life? I would say, yes it does, but only if you are focusing on that and actually change something! Would I have a blog today, if I wouldn’t have these issues? Would I be the person I am today, if I wouldn’t have these issues? The answer is of course no. I wouldn’t have changed in that way. For sure I would have changed in a normal way. Because you just do that all the time, changing your opinions, your free time activities and stuff. But changing to something that I have become? No, that wasn’t planned for me. That was not where I was heading to.

Compared to who I was five years ago, things have changed dramatically. To the good or the worse? That is something really hard to say. I mean, I could have a much easier life, living into the day, not thinking about tomorrow. But actually that was a lie. I can not do that. You can see in the “meditation 4.0” section how much I try to switch off, to get some rest, to gather my thoughts. But it is not really working for me yet. Why? Because I don’t want to go back. Once you have experienced the energy my lifestyle sets free. Once you have find the things that let you forget about time and everything else. Once you are fully in the moment. Doing just this one thing with all the passion you have. You can not go back. You can not stop. You want to go on! No! Actually need to go on. This is like a very powerful drug. I know, it is kind of hard to explain. But today is my first free day after a lot of time investment for university. It is currently 6:05 am on a Saturday morning and I am tired as hell when writing these words. But why am I doing this?

The two most important days are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain

I write this blog, because I have developed a passion for writing.
I write this blog, because it helps me to move on.
I write this blog, because I love doing it.
I write this blog, because it gives me something back.
I write this blog, because it inspires me.
I write this blog, because it motivates me.
I write this blog, because it helps me do reflect on what I am doing.
I write this blog, because I wouldn’t be the person that I have become without it.
I write this blog, because I want to support others, making their life easier.
I write this blog for me and for you!

Who ever you are, wherever you live. I bet, you have the same problems as we all have. Why? Because it comes all back to certain things in life. What is the reason for which we live? What is our mission in this world? Why are we here? Why is this particular thing happening to us? Just why?

I feel good when writing a new post. I feel strong, I feel the flow. I feel good, because I actually work on my goals. Improving, stepping forward. Every day. Does it make things better? Yes it does. But are there things that make it worse? Sure, as always in life. But the goal is not to prevent these things from happening, but to actually learn to live with them.

This blog is more than just a blog. Why? Because it is my story. It is my way towards my goals. You want to change your life? Then do your own thing! Step over the line! Go outside your comfort zone! Fight for your vision! How often do we really do that? How often to we go all in? Investing our time in something we believe in. Chasing a dream, reaching for the stars. In a certain way, this blog is like a therapy session for me. I can write about the good things, I can write about the bad things. And that is why I love this project so much. That is the reason why I write everyday! No matter what! This blog is more than just the sum of it words. There lies a universal truth within it. A potential to grow. A potential to evolve into something new.

And this is what your project needs! You do not need to please others, because this is your life! At the end of the day, you are the important thing of the equation. You are the center of your universe. Don’t chase after dreams others have, chase after your dreams! If you have found the thing that inspires you. That keeps you going. Then simply do it. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Don’t listen to what other think or might say about it. Life is too short to please others. Start your project! Today is the day! You need to take action! To move on! Things have happened. But that is your past! Today, you open a new chapter. Today, you move forward. Making this day something special. And then simply do it every single day. Step by step. Day by day! Just make today a little bit better then yesterday! You can do it! I believe in you! Thank you for reading!

The goal in life is never to reach a certain point, but actually to constantly move on. After the first Porsche, you want to have the second one. Goals change, priorities change, what stays is your day to day struggle.

And this is it. This was my topic week about “writing a daily blog“. I hope it gives you some more insights, sharing with you what it takes and why you should reflect more on what you are actually doing. For me personally, writing my daily blog was the best decision in my life so far. It gives me so much back! I would have never thought that something like that is even possible.

If you want to follow my journey, have some comments or want to know more about certain things? Just let me know and get in contact with me!

Until then!

See you next time!

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