I did it! Can you believe it? Two years ago I have started this journey. Two years ago I posted my very first post online. Did I knew what was about to happen? Have I thought enough about the consequences? Actually, I did not. Instead, I did something very untypical for me. I jumped right into the unknown. I just did it, not spending a single minute considering my options.

It all started with this: #1 What is this all about? Which is still the guiding principle of the blog. I write this thing in order to help myself. I write this thing, because I believe in the continuity of progress, of improving, of becoming a better version of oneself.

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Those two years, they went by so quickly. Time is flying these days, unbelievable. Two years in which I posted something every single day. Daily blogging, well, I can not recommend doing it, but for me, it is exactly the thing that I was missing. This was the missing piece in the puzzle, the project that pushed me forward. I have evolved. I have become a better version of myself. I have finished my bachelors degree. I did my master in engineering. I got a job. There has a pandemic started. The last two years were just full of events. With this blog, well, it should be easy to remember. It should be easier to travel back in time and remember.

What does it take to write a daily blog?

Having tracked down the entire writing adventure, I can tell you exactly what it takes. It takes this:

1619 HOURS
516.107 WORDS

Honestly, time is the most important resource in the equation. It just consumes a lot of time, in average over two hours a day. But it’s not the time spend, that makes it so difficult for the most of us, it’s the continuation. For me, writing this daily blog is the most easiest thing in the world. I have committed to doing it once and now keep up with the pace. But for normal people, sure, they will never be able to do it, I understand. But life is not about being normal, isn’t it? Life is not about doing what people expect from us. No, life is just about us. Every single hour of those 1619 hours so far was spend wisely, because it brought me to this very situation in life. Sure, you might disagree, but come on, this is my project, my life, my decision

In average 2,2 hours and 706 words a day

The thing about me is, that I am different. I am not the typical blogger, author, or however society might call me. I do not pretend to be perfect, know anything about blogging or the like. Come on, I do not like books, I do not read other blogs and I do not even enjoy the process of reading. I neither need the acceptance, nor a positive feedback from others. This is just me doing my thing. I write about topics that come to mind. Topics that are important for me and my journey towards success.

That’s all. It’s just me. A guy trying to find his way through life.

Would I enjoy having more followers, getting famous and earning money with this thing? Famous?! No way! That’s the least I have in mind. But making money? Well, sure! Why not! The Porsche doesn’t pay itself. But not in the way others do it, right? I will never sell my soul to the dark side. I do not want to advertise for strange things here on my blog. If I want to earn money with this project, I need to create a different way of earning money. It’s just up to me. Maybe I should reconsider my life coaching program? But what do I say? I can not even handle my own life! Why should I be able to help others?

As you can see after two years of daily blogging, there is something wrong with me. I have this inner drive to endure, to keep on going, to step over every obstacle that comes my way. The only question is, can I show you how I do it? Can I get you into the same state of mind? I guess time will tell, my friends, time will tell. The truth is, people do not want to suffer. They do not want to go through hell. My way of doing things is way too strict, way too disciplined, way too uncomfortable for this modern society. And so, bringing people on this very level might be a struggle. Maybe it’s just an illusion by itself. But we will see, I am working on my book already.

Through this blog project I became a different person. I have moved on! I took the next steps. I have evolved. This blog is a success story. My success story. Sooner or later you will realize the important things in life. But until then, well, let’s make today count.

See you next time!

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