I have started this thing, not knowing why. I was looking for a reason, a mission, something to hold on to. Walking through life with a definite plan, I always had that within me. But still I struggled. I did not feel at home. I was not satisfied with what I was doing. I wanted more! This couldn’t be it! Is this a joke!? But what to do?

I have started to spend my time more wisely, blending out each and everything that would hold me back. I have started to change my life. A bit too radical for your taste, but at least it was effective! I have defined what I want. I have written down my goals. I have changed my life from one day to other, stopping everything that would not help me getting closer to my goals. I have started to read, to listen to the right people and accept the truth. The truth about my me and that I am responsible for my future.

From an early age onwards, I was never considered to be the cool kid others would eventually look up to. In fact, I was just the small little kid in the corner, struggling with everything that I touched. I was weak, I had a lack of confidence, I was not satisfied with what I did. But experiencing a youth like this, it definitely helped me become the person I have become. It helps you to see the world with different eyes.

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Progress. A word that describes life at its best. What is our mission here on earth? Why are we here? What do we have to do? The longer we think about those types of questions, the less we seem to understand. The truth is, at the end of the day we are all going to leave this place. But what we do until this dreadful day, well, that’s all just up to us.

Wherever you are currently standing in life, it was you that brought you there. It were your actions that lead you there. Your decisions, your choices, your wishes! It is so easy to blame others for our faith. To find reasons why we can’t. But that’s a cold blooded lie. In reality we can, but we just do not want to invest all that hard work.

This blog is my daily reminder for expecting more, for improving and becoming a little bit better today, than I was yesterday.

This project has become a part of my life. It’s a way to reflect on my doing and keep up with the pace. Instead of reading stuff from others, I write my own little story day in day out. Shaping my understanding of the world, closing in towards the truth in life, improving and finally reaching all my goals.

The blog means everything to me. I get my daily dose of motivation out of it. I improve, I move on. And honestly, that is just the one little thing I was missing. This blog puts it all together. It combines all the elements of my life and brings it into an order.

A life without this blog? There is no life without the blog possible any longer.

See you next time!

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