Doing something on a regular basis is said to be tough. But doing something on a daily basis, what is that? Ultra tough? Doing our job no matter what life is throwing at us? Sure! But working on projects like this without even making money? Are you crazy? Why are you doing it?

What people can not understand is the reason for doing this. They do not see the point. For them, it’s just hard work and, let’s face it, useless. A waste of time. But doing this blog is not just that, a waste of time. Writing this blog is a great chance for me to improve, to move on, to evolve.

I write this blog because it’s one of my goals to reach. I do this because that is what I want to do. In life, people do not understand the simplicity of it. For them, life is supposed to be this most complicated thing. Life is hard. Life is a struggle. Life is difficult. But in fact, life is nothing of that kind. We make life to what it is. We make life to what we want it to be.

I wanted to be a writer. I wanted to become an author. Well, what does such a person do? Exactly. They write. They write and write and write. And what do I have to do in order to improve? Exactly, I need to write and write and write. Someone could assume, this daily blog is just my daily writing session. It’s my practice time. Authors, they write and write and write. But publishing this? No! What!? Are you mad? They write 600 pages and publish 20 of them. But for me, this doesn’t sound entertaining. Just writing for the sake of writing? You mean just sitting there and typing? With nobody reading it? Uff, that sounds boring. In fact, that sounds like a waste of time! But I do not have time to waste!

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During the last two years, I have learned so much about me and life in general, I can not even write this all down in a small post like today’s. But well, I can try!

Whatever you want to achieve in life, you can achieve it. But not by sitting around and waiting for a miracle. If we want something, we need to act accordingly and make it happen. We need to work on ourselves. We need to invest the time, money and energy. Step by step, day by day. If you are convinced about reaching your goals, reaching them will just become a matter of time.

This blog is not just a practice of writing. This is not just me hammering out some strange words. This blog is my way of improving in life. From the documentation of my time in the road to success category, to the countless of topics I go through in my posts. This blog helps me to keep on track and thinking about the important things in life. It helps me to keep my focus and working on myself, every single day.

I have learned so much about myself, I can only recommend you a thousand times to do such a project yourself. But well, what am I even saying. You are not like me. You will not push through. You will stop. You will fail. You will loose your focus. I have started this blog, because Seth Godin recommended it in one of his interviews I have heard. I am doing it ever since, and well, after two years, I know that he was right! The daily blog? The best decision in my life so far. But if it is something for you? Well, that’s your choice to take!

See you next time!

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