These are just numbers… at last that is the story I told myself. But honestly, those numbers are really not that important. This project is not about fame, money and followers. This is just about me and my journey towards success. I will make it, because I believe in myself. I will make it, because I never stop. I will make it, because nothing can hold me back.

But it’s hard to accept the truth. The truth about the blog. The truth about the actual amount of readers I have. Just the way things are in this world. The blog, it’s a project. My project. It is successful whenever I feel so. The statistic? It is really not important. But sure, that’s easy to say once you have so little readers. The thing about the statistic is, that it isn’t right. It doesn’t track all the people that visit the site. And so, sure, we can use the statistic for figuring out a trend, but definitely not for knowing how well the blog performs.


The statistic isn’t that bad, is it? I mean sure, there could be more readers, but at least I can keep up the level and do not loose them. The likes? Well, they are going up again, but honestly, I do not know what I did differently in April and Mai. Maybe I was focusing too much on my new job? Maybe! But what is really a surprise to me is this. The year is only half over, but I already have more likes than in the year before. This sounds promising, right? Especially, because the likes are really the only thing I can trust. Either you give me a like or you don’t. The likes are definitely getting tracked the right way! And so, even if I do not see any visitors in the statistic on a particular day, at least I see the likes and know that someone must be there.

Likes in years

Looking at the world map, sure, there are still some countries missing. Currently I had tracked visitors from 88 countries around the globe. Isn’t that amazing? I still can not believe it! That’s amazing!

Visitors from around the globe

But sure, I am trying the best I can to prevent this blog from hitting through the roof. I do not follow other bloggers. I publish daily. I write about very specific and niche topics. I have still no clue about blogging. I just do my thing and following my inner voice.

And there we have it. My two years of daily blogging summary.

1619 HOURS
516107 WORDS

Do with the information whatever you want. I can only see my future and well, the future looks differently.

See you next time!

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