#735 Two years of daily blogging – *Topic Week 14* – Day 5 – The future of blogging

The most important question after all. Will I continue? Will this blog survive the times? The answer is yes, it will.

I have been doing this for 2 years already, why should I stop? I am reaching my goals, I improve, I move on. This blog plays an important role in my life. It’s my diary, my time keeper, my place to recover. It supports me, it allows me to reflect, it keeps me going in the right direction. In life, we do not stop doing the things that we like, that we enjoy, that make today count. These are the good things, the good moments.

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The future of blogging? Why should I know? You have a blog?! Well, true, but I do it the wrong way. Blogging in its original form is about people, about a community. You pick a specific topic and gather the people around you that are interested in whatever you have to say. You write about airplanes, about motorsport, animals, politics, pick whatever you want. And then, once in a while you post something. Maybe on a weekly basis if you are super motivated.

For me, this doesn’t work. Why should I focus on one topic only? Life is way to diversified to get stuck in one topic only. In this life, we have the chance to make things differently. We can do whatever we want. And with that said, of course, my blog starts to make sense. I do not write a blog for people to read it. At least not in the typical way. Sure, you might be the hardcore fan that wants to read it all, but I can’t recommend it. Instead, you should join my journey. You should start seeing this as your motivational boost for the day. “Hey, there is someone out there trying to get better, I can do that as well!” And with that said, the mission is clear. This blog documents my journey towards success, but it also documents your way towards success. In this blog, I tell you what I do, what I try, what actually works and what doesn’t. This blog is a chance for you to learn, to improve, to make today count.

The future about blogging? I don’t know what you want me to say. I have 600 followers after two years and feel like this is way too much. I don’t want to become famous, popular, or whatever others might try to attempt. I will reach my goals anyways, it’s just a matter of time. But so, you can do the same! You can also reach your goals, however high you might set the bar. This life is about living. About doing what we love. In this blog, I show you a way. Not “the way” or “the only way”, just “a way”. My way shouldn’t be your way. But on our way, we will get into similar situations. Obstacles, holes in the ground, bad weather. If you are following this blog here and there, pick the topics you like and read a bit, you will learn something important about life. You will learn, that it is all just in our heads. We are the key to success. But we tend to not understand. We tend to ignore this fact.

This blog will be continued! This blog will stay a daily blog. Sure, I may change the way I am doing it, because even the blog can improve over time, but the concept will always stay the same.


See you next time!

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