#736 BEHIND THE BLOG – S2 E5 – Two years of daily blogging

Again? Are you serious? Haven’t you talked about this for 5 consecutive days already? In fact I have, but this is my blog, isn’t it?

In this season of BEHIND THE BLOG I want to talk more about me, the person behind the project. Therefore, we just have to dive into this one.

Am I proud?

Of course I am proud. I mean, I have come up with this thing. The blog, the content, the categories. Every single word you can read has been typed from me. Of course I am proud of myself, doing the impossible task of writing a daily blog. But honestly, there was never even a question of doubt. It was not that I tried, I just did it. For me, the success was clear on the second day of blogging.

Photo by Kaique Rocha on Pexels.com

What has changed since the start of this project?

Honestly, a lot. I have become two years older, two years wiser, to years more experienced. But that’s not really what this question is all about. If you do something for two hours a day, what do you think that it will do to yourself? Exactly, it changes everything. That blogging isn’t that time consuming today should be clear. In life, we improve. In the beginning, writing a post like this was a lot of work. I tried to prepare, to make sketches, to work on a blog post sometimes for hours without end. Today, I am just so much faster. I switch into the “writing mode” and just write. My brain has adapted to the challenges of blogging. I have learned to express myself more clearly, more defined, more easy.

Do you really write every single day?

The answer is of course no. In life, things happen that are beyond our reach. We can create a master plan, but life throws things at us big time. Therefore, it would be very naive and stressful to really get up every single morning writing your todays post. If you can do that, wow! Congratulations! But I can’t. During the years, I have tried multiple of strategies. From writing one day in advance, to preparing the next two weeks. The best strategy for me? The weekend writer. Being an engineer, I work a lot during the week. But with that said, I do not mean the time commitment of some 40 to 50 hours. With working a lot, I mean using my head. After a good day at work, my brain feels done. I need to recover. And in fact, I have also found a good strategy for that. But still, I just do not want to experience the pressure of blogging during my work weeks. Therefore, I am starting on Saturday and Sunday to write the Monday’s statistic and the next two or three days. With this package in advance, I can easily find the time for Thursday and Friday during the week until I have a lot more time on the weekends again.

The future of this blog?

The future of this blog is clear. It will continue! Maybe not in the way I am doing it right now, but still, the blog will evolve, improve, get better day by day. The mission is clear. The vision is right in front of my eyes. Time will show us the way.

And with that said, it is time to end todays post. Today is Saturday. I write this thing on a beautiful summer morning in the garden. What comes next? Actually there is a lot of stuff to do. My usual writing rhythm, well, life has other plans. But the most important thing you shouldn’t forget is this. If you do what you love, there is no need to convince yourself doing something. Writing a daily blog, traveling to the moon, whatever challenge you accept, the obstacles are just in your mind. If you love what you do and are convinced about reaching your goals, you are unstoppable! We are unstoppable!

See you next time!

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