#2 The importance of starting

No matter what we are doing in life, we always started it somehow on our journey. You were born small, naked and fragile, you could not walk, speak, or do anything besides crying, breathing, a kind of eating and drinking. So, congratulation! You came far compared to this state of an early beginning.

“What are you talking about? Come to the point, idiot!”

The point? The point is, that we know thousands of reasons not to do something. “Oh I cannot possible do this! I do not have time! I work 45 h a week! I have kids! I cannot do all of that! The others, they can! But I, no way! My life is different!” The list goes on and on. But when we really want something, it is quite easy. Watching this new TV-Series? Done! Buying the shirt, I saw in that advert? Bought! Looking for a holiday destination? Booked!

But wait a minute! Why is that so easy?

“That is obvious! You cannot compare a time investment of 10 000 hours with watching a 20 h TV series. Of course I have the time to watch a damn TV series! But becoming a race car driver? A triathlete? A business owner? Or a book author? Or all of that at the same time? Stop dreaming man, that is not possible in my current situation!”

And do you know what? This is totally right. This is 100 % true. In your current situation? I do not see you on the top of your goals. Wasting your time with scrolling through social media, distracting yourself with stupid content all day long. This is not getting us anywhere!

“So what do you suggest? Let me guess! Starting to do something?”

You are making me so proud! This is exactly what we need to do. Switching on the TV, or conquering the world, it does not matter what it is. If we do not start doing something, even the smallest obstacle will knock us off our feet.

“But how do we actually do this? That “starting”, people are talking about so often?”

Just by doing the following! “STARTING!!”

Back in 2017 when I was laying there in bed in a fetal position, shivering and suffering from a permanent shock, that has build up step by step over the last year, I was looking out of the window with tears rolling down my cheek.

And in this exact moment, I realised the thing I was missing out. I did not act! I did not start to do something against my problems! I was the problem! I was not in control here! Life can be a bitch! But I am the one who is responsible for this mess. I am the one to blame! I am the one that needs to change! Not my problems! They will not adapt them self, or miraculously disappear. “Hello Sir, we are so sorry! It was our mistake! We will turn back the time until 2016 and you can start all over again!” This is not going to happen! The sooner we realise that, the sooner we can change, adapt and work on our self, because the story about the past is already told, the future is the thing you can change!

“So, what have I done?”

I started! I could not sleep anyway. Got out of my bed, was grabbing a piece of paper and a pen and sat down on the cold floor, leaning against the couch.

What do I want to do? What is my mission in this world? Who do I want to become? Question by question I went through my past, my present and my future. What are the things I want to do?

And after this? I simply took the next step, and the next one and the one after that. It is really that simple. Michael Schumacher was not born with a helmet on his head, Ferdinand Porsche not with the 911 drawing in his hands or Michael Jordan in his basketball suit. People are what they decided to be, not what they were born into. So the question is, who do you want to be? Who do you want to become? A better person? A life safer? A pilot? An astronaut? Or the next president? It is your decision!

The only thing you need to do, is starting now! Not later, not tomorrow, not in the halftime break. Not after this presentation next week. You are starting this journey now!

This would be the moment where the “How to be successful book” would leave you to your own. But do you remember? This is not this kind of thing we are talking about here. I will not leave you in this important moment of your new life all by your own. I will not stop there. I will lead you all the way, because what I can do, you can do as well.

How to start

†††††††I want you to close your eyes. Not right now, man! But after heaving read this paragraph. I want you to imagine your future in 5 years. What are you doing? Where are you living? What are you wearing? What is your job? What do you do in your free time? What is your passion? What do you do not like? What do you hate about your life? Who are your enemies? Who are your friends? It is Friday evening, what are you doing? It is Sunday afternoon, what are you doing? It is Tuesday morning, what are you doing? Are you happy? Are you excited about the upcoming challenges? You started a new hobby recently, what is it?

You can do this exercise as long as you want to, because I guess you already figured out, why we are doing this. Whatever it is, you want to do, or whoever you want to become. You need to start now, to get from where you are, to where you want to go.

Let’s make a list. Take a piece of paper and write down what you want to achieve in the next 5 years. What kind of skills will you acquire? What kind job are you doing? How much money do you have? How much money do you earn? Who are you living with? And so on.

Get a clear picture of all the things you want to get, achieve or reach. The things you want to be a part of and the things you will be known for.

Just write it down. And after this, just do the next thing and the thing after this, and the one after this and even the one after this. Step by Step. Minute by minute. You are getting closer to the person you want to become. It is that simple, but of course not easy.

See you next time!


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