#11 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – Season 1 Episode 1 – Get off that fucking couch right now!

Passion, Motivation & Mindset” is another Series I will try to do, to share with you the secrets about one of the most important things in your life. Your MOTIVATION, your PASSION and your MINDSET!

This is the fuel you are running with! No matter what you want to reach, without this, I do not see you succeed in anything! Therefore, we really need to tackle this right now!

“Another series? When is that ending?”

It is going to end, in exactly the moment you are getting off that fucking couch and finally do something to reach your goals! I can not watch that anymore! Do something!!

“Yeah! You! You do not need to turn around! I am talking with you! Yeah! You! The person who reads this! This series is for all of us! Because we cannot just do what we want to do, because we are prisoners in our own body’s. Locked inside, like real prisoners, waiting for the day until the death sentence will be executed!!!

This series is just for us!

Today’s episode:

“Get off that fucking couch!!”

Just kidding, I will not name this episode “Get off that fucking couch!!”. I will name it. “Get off that fucking couch right now!!!”

People tend to not do what they want to do, because of obvious reasons. They have no time, no money, too much other things to do, too much better things to do and in the end, they like their situation just like it is, because they do not need to work hard, take risks, or jump into the ice-cold water. Of course, you work hard at work! I know that! But what about your other half of the day?

And hey! I can understand this! I really can! I would not be here today with that kind of mindset, would not I had and still have all those problems in my life. Without that daily reminder? I do not think that I would be at this point right now. I would not question everything I am doing? I would not have found out, what are the things I am so passionate about!

But of course I need to tell you the truth, because I was literally born with this “doing” mindset, that makes it sooooo easy for me to just do something without having any problems during the process. Ok, I was not literally “born” with it, but I realized quite soon in life, that setting a goal, do the hard work and reach the goals was so easy for me, you would not believe it. Being overweight at fifth grade at school, I decided to stop that. And what did I do? I stopped eating sweets, I stopped drinking fancy stuff with a lot of sugar and worked my ass off after school in my gym. Watching 2-hour movies while running on the treadmill or trying to do some weight lifting. And what is the consequence of such a behavior?

Exactly! Life has no other chance, then just giving you what you want! Or even better, what you deserve!

Ok, but why is this story supposed to help me? Why are you writing all of this? I mean good for you, but I do not care about you!

I am writing this, because I care about you! I think, that I can show you how to get the same mindset. I do not know it, of course, but if I do not try, we will never find it out! So please! I am begging you for the sake of your future children, your future companies, your future books, your future travel stories, the sportscar you will drive, the wonderful garden you will life in, or whatever it is, that is waiting for you on your way! Just give it a try! And let’s see how we can work together as a team!

This is supposed to be fun! Life is supposed to be fun! Life is, whatever you are making out of it! Remembering the story in #2 about the fact, that people are becoming, what they decided to become?

This is not a saying! This is not me, trying to get you off that couch! This is the real world!

You are the person in control, you decided to become the person who you are today! But that means, you are the only person that can decide to change who you are and transform you and your life in whatever you want to become!

In this series we will tackle the skillset you will need!

Step by step! And really slowly! Because that is what you need! We cannot overdo it, you would lose all your motivation too soon…

I know, life can be really tough sometimes! You have suffered from setbacks, from mistakes, from fear, form things, others cannot even think of. I cannot even think of! Horrible things! But and this is really important! You are the regisseur of this movie! You decide where, when and how this next scene will me made!

So, let us dream, act and reach our goals! Together!

Join me on the journey!

In the next episode:

Love the process

See you next time!

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