#67 Save our world -*Topic Week 3*- Start with your own life

In Germany there is a saying: “Kehre erst mal vor deiner eigenen Haustüre”. This means something like you should get your own house in order, or start with your own life before telling others what to do.

And this is, what we all should do! Not for the sake of rescuing the world, but for the sake of understanding your impact on the equation.

When young people, or even pupils start a project like “Fridays for future”, they will soon get a lot of criticism for this. Not because it is wrong what they are saying, nor because of their mindset, but rather because older people think, they have no clue what they are talking about. They haven’t worked a single day, needed to pay all the bills, feed a family or struggle in life. They are just dreamers! Dreaming for a better world without knowing the real world.

Well, for some kids, this is true! They really have absolutely no clue! They are living in a bubble, isolated from the rough and cold world! Thank god the climate change will heat up this cold place, but seriously! Everyone of us should start today, thinking through their own life and figure out how much of an impact we are making. And after this, starting on reducing this impact.

If I drive with a car to work, for example. I can ask myself: Do I want to change this, or keep on driving? It is so simple! And if my answer is no, I do not want to change this, then this is fine. Because this is my life.

If I stream music, videos and movies online, for example. I can ask myself: Do I want to change this, or keep doing it? It is so simple! And if my answer is no, I do not want to change this, then this is fine. Because this is my life.

… And just go through all the things you do.

I guess it will take you a while, but this is really worth doing it. Because, if your are doing it consequently, this list of things is getting quite big. And bigger and even bigger. And soon, there comes the point, where you understand, that even your impact on the equation counts! Because our lifestyle is fucking disgusting considering the bad impact we are having on our environment.

It is like saving up money! Even the smallest of things you will change, can add up over time to something big. Do not try to look for “the solution” to save our world and get a nobel price, but rather look for the small things you can easily do in your life, your environment, your workplace, your household, your group of friends.

If the politic will try to force some changes, this will of course have an impact, but this is not enough. First of all it will be too late, and then there is still the problem, that there is a lobby behind this, having a new business idea in mind.

Weak up people! There is no solution coming up on the horizon! There is just you and me! And if we do not do something! Why should the others?

If you like what Fridays for future stands for or not, I do not care! Because this is not important! Our world is important! But we, we need to make things right! State out who is wrong! What they are doing wrong! But where is this leading us too?

A better place to live at? Who cares if you were right, but the world is destroyed. We are all sitting in the same boat. And if there comes no-one to show us the way, we need to figure this out on our own.

See you next time!

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