#68 Save our world -*Topic Week 3*- The future of mobility

Yesterday, the new Porsche Taycan celebrated his world premier. Well, what can I say? Besides the Porsche untypical bad presentation, because of the commentator and the changing between different locations in the livestream, the car will be a fantastic performer on the road! I am sure about that!

Some would say: “For that price it better is!”. Well, it’s a Porsche, it needs to be expensive!

In order to own a Porsche, a huge investment needs to be taken into account. Everybody knows that! But for a small electric car? At least those cars should be cheap, right?

In the not so far distance, even the “old” big players like VW and others will finally present their Tesla answer. But (Spoiler alert!) They will not come cheap!

Batteries are expensive! Really expensive. But where is the point on spending 30000€ for a car that has a theoretical range of 300 km, but with air conditioning, music and navigation and a hot Sommer day, that range is just 230 km and with a driving style of a future race car driver, you can literally look for the next charger in the upcoming 180 km. Well, abusing this car for driving to work and all that stuff, this is of course not that big of a problem, but for 30000€? Hell no! And what are they thinking, that I pay 20000€ extra for a little bit more torque and some additional 200 virtual km of range?

What is wrong in this automobile industry? Of course we earn much money! But who can afford something like this, just for the sake of driving environmentally friendly’isch? Of course, at least in my head I would like to decrease my CO2 footprint on this world, but seriously! There needs to be a cheap car with a range of at least 600 km. Ok, the battery costs 10000€ alone, well, than make a fuel cell car?!?

In my eyes, the future can not be battery electric in the way, we are currently designing our batteries. Originally we wanted to get a way from burning fossil resources in order to get keep on going when this source of energy isn’t there anymore, but with todays discussions about saving the environment, we tend to forget one important point. Building a battery needs a lot of resources that will run out over time as well.

The future might be electric, but not with todays battery technology!

There are just three possibilities. Improve the battery technology, improve the fuel cells or find something that is better than this.

These days, there is simply put no solution on the market, that will be able to guarantee the same lifestyle we currently have with a better CO2 footprint. Maybe we should start working on our cycling skills again!

See you next time!

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