#69 Save our world -*Topic Week 3*- The conclusion

The conclusion. Or rather my conclusion.

Being an engineer, or better, trying to become one, this whole situation is so sad. We tend to think that we are much better than the humans that have lived 10000 years ago, but actually we are still kind of the same. There might be a solution for this! And if we all work together as a team, we would already have it, but no no no! We are better than our peers, other nations, other companies, or what ever!

I mean, hey! Don’t get me wrong on this, a little competition is awesome! I wouldn’t consider doing motorsport otherwise, but lets not forget the aim we are having here, or better, should have here. The price for finding “the solution” is not a golden trophy, a hand signed letter from Michael Jackson or what ever there is valuable on this world, but it is rather the solution itself. So, why is there no international team working on this? Why is there no international TV weekly update on the current status? Why do we still need to explain the situation we are currently in to other people, including presidents of certain countries? What the fuck are we doing!!!

I personally do nothing for the environment! At least not actively! I mean, I try my best at work, because I need to! But in my personal life? Saving the environment is not a top priority! And why?

Why is that not a priority? It really should be, but I have other problems. Really? No! I could easily do more! And so do everyone else!

In order to save our world we shouldn’t wait for the others.

Do something and motivate others to do the same!

See you next time!

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