#80 Never mind – *Topic Week 5* – Mindset

Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.

Steve Maraboli

Well, seems like this is a good starting point. But it also sounds a lot like the “law of attraction” theory. Don’t you think?

What do we want to achieve this week? I suggest to listen to ourself, to try to get into our own thinking process, to knock at the door of our mind and ask to get inside.

I personally try for years to find a meditation practice that I can do regularly. But until this day, I haven’t found it. This has of course multiple reasons, including my lack of interest, but anyway, this needs to change! So, what do I want?

I want a meditation practice that is …
… short.
… effective.
… interesting.
… relaxing.
… exciting.
… possible to do everywhere.
… allowing me to do it in the garden without having to think about my reputation.

Ok, but what is wrong with sitting cross legged on a cushion and closing your eyes? It is fucking boring, idiot! You can do that, if you want to! But for me, this is not practical at all! My mind is too active!

Ok, so where do we start? We start with the mindset. In order to introduce a daily meditation practice into my life, I need to find the right mindset. For me, this means having good reasons for doing it.

Coming down after a stressful situation at work, or better keep it calm while being in the stressful situation, stop worrying about things that will never ever actually happen. Enjoy life at its fullest.

Mhh, sounds kind of convincing. What is next? Maybe the time! Ok, I can not do this in the morning. This is too stressful, I need to do this in the evening, or better, in the night. So, starting from today, I will invest 4 minutes and 37 seconds on my meditation directly before I go to sleep.

What will I do? For today, I will just sit on my bed. And for the next couple of days, we will figure something out.

If you do some research on how to meditate, there are a million possible ways out there. From HRV training, to mantras to breathing exercises to guided meditations. I have tried a lot of different versions already, but still, it wasn’t working.

Hearth rate variability (HRV) training sounds interesting, or let’s say, scientifically proofed, therefore I want to focus on this in the future. But for this week, I will start without fancy equipment.

See you next time!

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