#84 The road to success – Week 38/2019

Week 38 is already at its end. What can I say? It was an awesome week! This comes due to two facts. On the one hand I finished my bachelor thesis yesterday and on the other hand, I only have two days left at the office until I will leave work to do my Master degree full time.

As already mentioned, I will have my last days at work next week. So, it seems like there is more time for other things in the future.

Reflect to Improve

What did I learn this week?

  • Swimming is such a good training for your arms, shoulders and your back
  • My analysis about the business situation at work was right.

How did the goals from last week work?

  • I finished the bachelor thesis! 💪
  • I have started to meditate again.
  • But I haven’t read anything else besides my bachelor thesis

Top three goals for next week!

  • Relax
  • Read more
  • Prepare for the University start in another town in October

See you next time!

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