#83 Never mind -*Topic week 5*- Meet me on the other side

The path to enlightenment is a long path. Not because it is hard, but because it will take your whole life to get there.

Enlightenment is not what people think it is. You do not need to live in a Buddhist temple, nor do you need to sit around all day long, trying to solve the biggest problems on earth. Enlightenment for me is the moment you realize that there is an alternative path in life and actually walking on it.

The moment you leave the path, your enlightenment title shall disappear, because you went off track. And this will happen at least a thousand times! But do not worry about it, because the more you get off and on the track, the easier it will get to realize the one and only truth in life.

Meditation doesn’t mean to do not think. Meditation means to realize that you are thinking and sending this thought away.

In order to calm myself down and find my rhythm again, I need to slow my thought creating process down. This is the only way. But how do I slow it down? Through the power of meditation. I realize the situation I am in, then I use the right technique to slow it down and this will directly lead to inner peace. Well, not at the beginning, but step for step. Compared to the start of the week I do not have made much progress, that’s right, but doing this same progress every week, I must be a yogi by 2025 🙂 haha Of course that was just a joke, because this is not my goal, but I could become one if I decide on doing it.

Problems will not be solved by sitting around, that’s for sure, but considering your options for a while and getting into a positive mindset hasn’t harmed anyone in history.

Make it a habit to observe your inner wellbeing. Not by making notes, but rather by listening to yourself. Our bodies always tell us what is going on, but we are just not listening.

Listen to your body. Get in touch with yourself. And finding your rhythm again is just a matter of time.

See you next time!

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