#86 The value of honesty

In the modern 21th century, there is no space for errors. Everything needs to be done in perfection, at work, or in our private life’s. We grow up with this particular mindset of not being allowed to make any mistakes and we have absolutely no chance to get out of this system!

Don’t make mistakes! Be better than all the others!

But what is wrong with not knowing something? We all should use the term “I do not know this” more often, because a lot of the times it is just true and we really have no clue.

But do we stand for this? Do we tell the others that we do not know it? No! Of course not! Are you mad? We can not tell them. So, what do we do? We pretend to have a clue. We pretend to have the answer, and if it does get tricky and the situation closes in on us, we even lie or simply guess.

It is my deepest understanding of the world, that making mistakes is the only way to grow efficiently. Looking back at some really bad mistakes I have done in the past, I learned more from them, than in all the lectures I had at university.

In order to grow, you need to make mistakes.

But how can you implement an environment, where making mistakes is as common as saying hello? The answer? It is not that easy. At work, we always need to deliver. Not only in front of the costumer, but in any other situation as well. Your colleagues, your boss, people from other departments, they all need to be convinced that you are the most competent person in your specific field. But really? Is that the goal?

I personally think, that being honest will be the better option in the end. Not only for your current feelings, but also in the long run. If mistakes are allowed, the business can grow, and all the employees with it. In an environment, in which the communication is honest and truthful, mistakes can be analyzed properly and will be reported much sooner than in “normal” environments. This will not only lead to saving a lot of money, but also help each and everyone to grow. The moment someone else realizes your honesty, you will see the value of this in his eyes.

We are all human beings, and making mistakes just makes us human. Why are we pretending to be something else, when in fact, we simply have no clue.

Working in the automotive sector since 2012 I have seen a lot of problems, mistakes and errors. I investigated numerous products and tried to figure out solutions. There is not a single product in this world, that wasn’t optimized or improved at least one time.

How can an engineer know everything? This is not possible. But if he pretends to know everything and doesn’t stand for his mistakes, the others will act in the same way. And where is this leading to? Right, to a big and dirty mess.

Today, not learning from mistakes seems to be important, but figuring out who is responsible for this.

I want you to stop pretending. If you do not know something, just tell the others. Someone will explain it to you and in the end, you will be trusted much more, than in pretending to know something. Believe me, if you have no clue about something, the others will notice, or at least someone will.

Be honest! That is the only way.

See you next time!

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