#87 When one chapter ends, another can begin

Today was my last day at work. After six years in total, I left the company to go on studying full time.

Six years of my life, can you believe it? Time is running.

It seems like it was only yesterday, when I started my apprenticeship back in 2012. Since then, a lot has changed. I became an adult, I grew business wise, but also on the personal level. Compared to the day I started, I changed my life completely.

Over the time, I really built up a connection to the company. I mean, it was a part of my life. Leaving the company now is a hard decision for me, but in the end the best thing I can do.

In order to grow, we need to step on.

As always in life, there are good things and bad things at work. In the end, we often forget about the good things and focus only on the bad stuff. But I do not want to go there. For me, it was a great time! I learned so much, the colleagues were awesome and the projects were interesting as well.

What will change in my life?

For the first time in three years I will not have a job, therefore I will not have a regular income. Of course this is totally my decision, because I could work at a company somewhere and do some hours a week to pay the bills. But first of all I saved enough money to be in the position were I do not need to do such a job, and secondly I am investing a lot of time in studying, therefore I guess it will be actually quite hard for me to work besides studying.

Because of the reason, that I think about anything multiple times, before actually doing something, this step can be considered as jumping into the unknown for me. Leaving the save heaven to explore the world.

But why do I need this?

I need this, because that is the only way to move on in life. Safety is not a problem for you as long as you are safe. But the moment your are not safe anymore, safety gets a completely different priority. As the stoic philosophy suggests, we should all live the life we are afraid off, in order to find out that the thing, we were afraid of in the first place is not really a threat to us.

With the bachelors degree I have added to my portfolio of skills recently, a new chapter of my life can begin. I am looking forward to new challenges, new impressions, and new tasks.

See you next time!

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