#88 Change

After talking about my last day at work yesterday, this means that I will have more time for the really important things in life. At least from my perspective.

Today I was driving to my new university, got my student ID card and the keys to my apartment.

Having the luxury, that my new university is only a one and a half hour drive away, I can commute between those places a few times a week and maybe spend the weekends at home.

What does that mean for me?

I will not have my racing simulator, my workout room and all the other things to my availability all day long, but rather need to split up my week into different zones. One can be regarded as the studying and writing part when I will be at University and the other can be considered as the active part at home with swimming, cycling, my workout routine and my racing simulator.

The future will tell, if this is working that way or not, but I guess it will be an awesome new chapter in my life. With my apartment literally on the campus, I can safe a lot of time, I “wasted” at my last University with getting there.

For this week, I have officially holidays, which doesn’t mean that I do nothing of course, but I really should try to relax more and calm down.

Of course I want to use my new free time for working on this blog as well, getting it from this current situation to something more attracting to read.

See you next time!

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