#89 The golden rules of success

This is a part of Project W (double you)

Success in the term of reaching your goals is relatively easy to achieve. Nevertheless, a lot of people struggle with this in life.

1 Start

The best time to start with changing your life is right now. This is not just a saying, but actually the truth. For what are you waiting for? The magical moment? The right idea? Forget it! This day will not come by sitting around and waiting. Ideas will enter your life automatically, but only if you allow them to enter your little world.

2 Change your mindset

Free from boundaries, prejudices and limiting thoughts. Your mind, the most powerful weapon on earth. But only, if used correctly. Stop distracting yourself with stupid things! The truth lies within you. Explore your mindset, open it up and enjoy the world as it is, not as you think it is.

3 Continue

Just go on. Everyday! You have no clue where this is leading you to? Don’t worry! It always goes somewhere. Just work on your skills, necessary to reach your goals. The secret lies in the continuous repetition of believes, thoughts, or visions for a better future. Once planted in your mind, you focus on it everyday, until this small thought grows and grows and evolves over time into something huge! Something so big, you simply can not ignore anymore.

4 Improve

If you only do the things, you already can do, you will always stay the person, you are already are. That way or another, this quote is one of the most powerful truths about life. Don’t focus on your strength, but instead focus on your weaknesses. If weaknesses become strength, the person will grow to such an extent, that success in reaching this persons goals is just a matter of time.

5 Evolve

As life goes on, you will change! Opinions change, mindsets change, priorities change, everything changes! But a change is a good thing! “In the past, everything was better!” What a bullshit! You are holding your future in your hands. Learn from mistakes, work on the things you do not like from yourself and evolve.

6 Never stop

The moment you stop, your chances of reaching your goals are back at 0%. This is simple maths. If you invest time, energy and or money on something, you have to potential to get something out of the equation. But without any input, nothing will come out of the equation! And if it does, be careful, because this is not meant to be!

7 Keep moving forward

The path to your goals is not a straight line, but rather a complicated labyrinth. Sometimes you will find yourself in a dead end. But don’t let this harm your mindset. Let this be a lesson, learn from your mistakes and tomorrow, you will do it in a different way. If you want to finish an ultra endurance run, you better keep on moving! Your competitors never sleep.

Thoughts from the author

Looking back at those 7 rules, it looks like the instruction manual for 99,999% of all the things in life.

But just reading it and feeling inspired for a little while will not help you at all! In order to reach your goals, these rules need to become a part of you.

If the police knocks at the door of one of your friends and ask them some questions about you, this is what they should tell them! And if they wouldn’t tell the officer about your relentless efforts in reaching your goals, than today is your chance to work on this!

Invite these rules into your life, and everything will change for the better!

You are the CEO of your own life! The sooner you understand this, the more time you will have to reach your goals!

See you next time!

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