#78 Project W

If you haven’t watched a motivational movie like “the secret” or other forms of this, I highly recommend you to have a look. While my mum was sitting on the couch, watching one of those movies, I joined her for the last couple of minutes and realized in shock, that they deliver all the information necessary to succeed.

When I compared my life with other people in my age, the only difference between me and them was the knowledge they would learn in watching these movies. Well, that was what I was thinking all the time, but in the conversation with my mum, I found out that I was wrong.

In fact, she has the same knowledge as I have, but still she can not implement the knowledge into her daily life as I can.

After thinking this trough, I came to the conclusion that there needs to be another way how to present these principles. There needs to be a better way how to get this knowledge out to the people.

The task is clear.

Find a new way how to teach and implement life changing principles in an efficient and effective way, that is practical and easy to implement in everybody’s life in order to proceed and finally succeed

Today, I start Project W

Project W will start a new chapter in this blog. The goal is not to write for the sake of writing, but for the sake of delivering content, that has the potential to change someones life.

In order to get there, we will need to try a lot of different strategies, principles and experiments. But, after pushing trough, I hope we will have created something bigger than ourselves. A powerful tool with which someone can change his life.

The mission is clear. Let’s start with the acting part.

See you next time!

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