#93 Stop complaining, start doing something

If I have a closer look at my life, I could come to the conclusion, that everything is perfect. Well, everything besides my ongoing problem with my nutrition and the problems result out of this.

But hey, what do I actually do against it? Mhhm, not that much. So, is it any wonder why this is such a huge issue in my life? Well, actually it is not. So, why do I complain about it at least five times everyday, but not really doing something to improve the situation? Good question.

This is just me, and you will have other problems of course. But the important thing in situations like this is to never actually giving up, and taking action in working on the problems. Sometimes, like it is in my case, it is not just a simple solution. At least I and a few doctors haven’t figured that out yet, but it is rather a cross-sectoral thing. Which means, that I need to work on multiple areas at the same time to gain some progress.

No matter what you want to reach in life, you need to work on your dream, no matter what. Let’s take this blog thing here again. Nobody is reading this. If I have a look into the statistic, I have written multiple posts that do not even have one single reader. Does this hit me? Yes, it does! But does it stop me? No! In this situation it is that easy for me. I just say “Hey, I am doing this for me. This is my life. If nobody reads it, that is fine with me. At least I can reread it and have a nice documentation about a period in my life.”

But why can’t I work with the same mindset if we are talking about my other problem? Basically, I could use the same approach, but it just hurts more. This need to stop. So, what will I do? I start in my mind, the centre of my universe and figure something out from there. Because it is always my fault why I do not feel well.


Don’t wait for your lucky moment! Start doing something and reaching your goals is just a matter of time.

See you next time!

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