#94 It is always your fault

This is a part of Project W (double you)

You’re parents are not rich? Your fault!
You do not have a job? Your fault!
You do not have money for going on vacation? Your fault!

This can go on forever, until one day or another you will figure out, that everything that happened and will happen to you is always your fault.

Every decision you ever made lead you to the situation you are currently in. People like to use excuses in every walk of life to try to get into a position, where they are not responsible anymore. Well, why are we doing this? It is very easy! Because this makes life so comfortable.

“I can not become a race car driver anymore, you need to start with 4 years of age, otherwise you have no chance.”

The moment someone says something like this, it makes “poopppp” in his mind, and all the chances he had, are gone right in this instant. And again, it is this persons fault! This person will never ever have the chance to become a professional race car driver. It really is that simple.

If you marry a woman or man, you literally should have the intention to live with this person until the end of your life. I do not know how many people actually leaving in this world right now, but the moment you are putting on this ring, you are saying “no” to all the other women and men out there. Every Victoria secret model and every men’s health cover guy, every millionaire and every poor fellow living in a small cottage on the country side. It is you who took the decision, and now you need to deal with the consequences.


Life gives you more than a million chances to do with your life what ever you want to do with it. But if you do not take these chances and instead excuse your lack of action with excuses, then this life you are currently living was your decision and will not change in the future.

There is no point of no return in your life. Every single day you have the chance to turn your life up-side-down. But if you do not take these chances, do not complain.

See you next time!

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