#95 Brainwash yourself

This is a part of Project W (double you)

Sects and cults do it, the military does it, and if we are really honest about it, everybody does it to us. Just have a look at the advertising industry, they are doing this with us all the time.

Well, if all those different industries using it, why aren’t we use this for our own advantage and “wash our brains” by ourself?

Well, I am doing this for years already and it looks like I figured out the long term advantages and disadvantages, which lead me to this point, where I want to share my experience with you.

The moment I wake up in my room and open my eyes, I see a racing simulator, about 5 Porsche race car wallpapers, a 1:4 scale model of a flat six cylinder boxer engine and my racing shoes and gloves. Well, if you wake up in such an environment, the chances are very high that your mind will focus on things like this more often than having a look at designer bags, or vacation destinations. So, I literally brainwashed myself. For me, motorsport and Porsche became an integral part of my life. Not by accident, but by choice. Today, I am living in this bubble I have created around me, that prevents me from doing anything else besides working on my start in the motorsport world.

Dropouts from sects or cults always say in interviews, that they were told over and over again how special they are and that they are a part of an elite society. Well, believe it or not, but after a certain amount of repetitions you basically believe everything. A small idea planted in your head in the right way, can grow and grow, until finally, it gets so big, that you can not simply ignore it anymore and believe the thought.

So, why don’t you use this for your advantage? Plant a thought in your head and let it grow, until finally it becomes reality.

Once you have done that, reaching your goals is just a matter of time.

You can become whoever you want to become. Don’t limit yourself! Reach for the stars, dream big and then finally do something!

See you next time!

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