#96 Motivation – find something worth fighting for

My motivation Porsche’s

On Tuesday, I had my first day at my new University. Even though I am a highly motivated and ambitious person by accident already, without some tricks I wouldn’t be able to hold my level of motivation as constant as I can do it right now. In the picture above, you can see my “motivation Porsche’s”.

Well, you could say something like: “This is so silly, you are a grown up person, why do you have toys standing around in your room? How old are you? 7?”

Actually, I am not seven anymore, at least this is what my passport tells me, but deep inside me, yes, I am still seven years old 🙂 But this is another topic I do not want to talk about today.

Those Porsche’s have obviously no value in terms of money, nor are they very practical to get from A to B, at least for me. But what they can do pretty well is their service they are offering. Both of them actually are dreams, that transformed into physical objects. Please remember, the better you can imagine the future you want to have, the easier it will be for yourself, to follow this dream and act upon reaching it.

For me, these two objects play a very important role in my future, because they are representing the future I will have.

Every time I have a look at these two cars, they are reminding me instantly were I want to go in life. The red 911 for example followed me into every exam I have written in the last three years and reminded me instantly why I am doing this. But even more, the moment I see the car, it changes my mindset. It sets my priorities back to the default mode, 100% focused on my goals, which automatically deletes any distractions out of my mind.

In the movie “Inception”, people use special objects that can tell them by their physical behavior if they are dreaming or not. In the real world, you do not need that, because the borders between dreaming and real life can blur away when you transform your dreams into reality.

In order to reach your goals, you need to push through. In order to push through, you need the will power to do it. And in order to have the will power to do it, you need to motivate yourself on a regular basis.

If you believe in yourself, everything is possible.

Find your objects for motivation and use them well.

See you next time!

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