#97 Your life is not hard, you made it that way

Your life is exactly as you wanted it to be. Every second you spent on this wonderful world, you took billion of decisions, had trillion of thoughts and ideas and you have done what you have done.

You can not change the past, but you can change the future.

If I have a closer look at challenges that lay ahead of me, I oftentimes feel overwhelmed. Not by the shear amount of tasks or assignments I have to deal with, but by having the wrong mindset towards these challenges.

Is the glass half full or half empty?

In case of a glass of water, it doesn’t matter, right? But what about other topics? If you are really looking forward to something, let’s say a child is counting the days until Christmas or it’s birthday, then time feels like standing still. If this same child has an appointment at the local dentist, time will fly by. Two situations, very similar in nature, but with a completely different outcome.

There are always things you like and things you do not like in your life. Maybe you have a business presentation in English next week, or you are going on vacation. Your mindset is responsible for the way, you will feel towards these events.

If the glass is half empty, you need to refill it. That’s a task, it requires you to take action. On the other side, if the glass is half full, there is still something left, so you do not need to take action. It is that easy.

What ever comes your way in life, you can always see the good things, or the bad things, or both. The important thing is not to have a positive mindset, but to realize, that you are responsible for how you feel about something.

If the glass is half full or half empty, your body doesn’t care. At least as long, as you do not think about it and form your opinion.

Some people tend to think a lot about basically everything. We do not like uncertainty in our lives, therefore we try to compensate this with self created stories and scenarios, how this situation can or could end. Well, in fact, it never is as bad as you imagined, but still, it doesn’t count what you think, but rather how you and your body reacts.

For me personally, I often times have a positive mindset in the first place, but after a while, this positivity gets intervened by negative and destructive thoughts. And where is this all leading me to? It leads me into a certain kind of mindset, where I lose control over my own body and these thoughts control how I feel.

Therefore, I am the one who decides how hard my life actually is. With my thoughts, my mindset and my action.

See you next time!

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