#107 Vision board – My goals part III

The outer circle

My goals

As promised in the last post about my goals, we focus today on the outer circle. As already said, these are the long term goals. Starting in the right down corner, you can see a kind of a building complex with a racetrack in front. This place is the Weissach Motorsport Center from Porsche. As you can see, the Porsche related goals continue. This picture stands for the goal, to work at or with Porsche in the Motorsport sector.

Next on the outer circle, you can spot a Porsche Cayman 981 lapping the Nürburgring Nordschleife. This represents the goal, to build a Porsche Cayman 981 race car and make it track ready for trackdays, RCN, VLN and the 24h hour race.

In the following picture, you can see a race car driver sitting focused inside a race car with both hands holding the steering wheel. This image represents the goal, to actually start with racing and get the race car driver mentality. It also represents the commitment, to do what ever it takes to get started with racing.

In the next picture, the goal of starting with racing gets a little bit more specific. Being an engineer, I need goals that can be measured. For me, this is the moment when I will have my racing license including the Nordschleifen permit.

What a surprise, the next goal is to participate in VLN. Well, for me as a motorsport enthusiast, there is only one racing series that fits best to that. My long term goal is to be able to participate in the VLN regularly.

Another long term goal is of course the 24h race. There are multiple 24h races in the world, but only one Nürburgring 24h race. To be a part of the history of motorsport, that is what drives me every single day. The 24h race is a must on my goals list!

Next in the circle, the other parts of life are covered. Starting of with that male torsos, this picture represents the goal to work on my body posture. Being born with a relatively weak back, this is an issue I need to tackle right now in order to avoid problems in the future.

Next in line, a charming young lady is looking our way. She represents the goal, to finally find the perfect woman to have someone standing on my side. Being single for quite a while now, over four years, it is time to let a new girl into my life.

Moving on in the circle, the next picture represents writing. As you can see by this blog, this is already work in progress 🙂 Writing is just something so wonderful, for me, it is more than just adding words to each other.

Right underneath the writing image, you can see someone working on his desk. This picture represents the way I am working on everything I am doing. I am focused on the task at hand, organized and work efficiently.

Suit up lady’s and gentlemen. This guy is on a mission. This image stands for the way I see myself. Always believe in yourself and be confident.

Be open minded. Do not limit yourself. There are no limits! In your mind, everything is possible! Use your brain and think freely. And then, just do it!

Start your own business. This is what the next image stands for. I have that inner drive to start my own business, this reminds me to work on this on a regular basis and keep on fighting.

Last but not least, of course some money would be cool as well. But sadly, this one million dollar bill doesn’t stand for the same amount of money. It represents the terminology of having enough. Some people believe, that having one million dollar in the bank, would change anything in their life. Yes, your life would be different, but the problems, they are still the same. This image has the task to remind myself about this fact. Be grateful for the things you already have.

And this is it. These are my goals I am currently work on.

Any questions left? Feel free to ask!

See you next time!

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