#106 Vision board – My goals part II

The inner circle

My goals

Today, we will focus on the inner circle of my vision board.

Starting with the picture underneath the definition of unfuckwithable, you can see a certificate in mechanical engineering. This diploma stands for my educational goals. Having decided to make the next step after my apprenticeship, I started studying mechanical engineering in 2016. It seems like this vision board thing is actually working, because last week I started doing my Master in full time at another university.

If we move counterclockwise, we can have a look at the next goal. You can read “Porsche Motorsport”. I hope, everybody who dares to read this blog knows how important Porsche and especially Motorsport has become in my life. This is a daily reminder, where this live is leading me too! I will “work” with Porsche Motorsport on both, the privat and the business level.

The next picture on the board, what a surprise, is a Porsche 911. Specifically a 997.2. Well, it doesn’t represent the goal to have only this car, because I will have multiple Porsche’s in my future garage, but it represents the goal to get a Porsche as a daily driver.

The Nordschleife. The longest and most difficult racetrack currently in existence. I guess I really do not need to add anything. The nordschleife stands for itself. I recently made a trip to the race track, and what can I say. It is such a fantastic place. This picture stands for the preparation, I am currently doing to start racing on the ring. This means, I will do as many laps as possible in my life time.

Next in line, you can see a cyclist climbing an alpine pass. This obviously represents the sport goals I have in life. For me as a cyclist, this stands for the motivation to do my workout sessions as well as the long distance endurance tours regularly. There is only one way to the top and this is the hard and long path each and everyone of us is walking on. With the focus set on improving my fitness, it will be easier for me to endure.

Reading. Born with a dislike against everything longer then a single page. I found the importance of reading way too late in life. But of course, it is never too late for doing something in life. Therefore, this little image represents my goal, to read as much as possible and to absorb the information in the best way possible.

The british flag. No, I do not want to save the British empire for the overwhelming effects of the brexit. Selfish me, I use this flag as the goal, to become fluent in the English language. As my blog can tell, this is still work in progress. But compared to my “English skills” at school, I guess my old teachers wouldn’t believe the progress I have made.

A guy running in a gearwheel, that drives other gears until a light bulb starts to burn? Do you want to be a part of a crual scientific research project? Not exactly. This image represents my ongoing drive, to move forward. In order to create something big, you need to start with something and then just keep on going. This image helps me to keep this in mind. I never stop! I always run, and run and run.

And last but not least, the endless step. As mentioned and explained in detail already in one of my first few posts, this step represents the important goal, to become a little bit better today, then I became yesterday and to even get a little bit better tomorrow, that I will become today. This is the endless step. Always move forward towards your goals!

And this is it. No fancy houses, no private jets. Just my goals I will reach in this life.

In the next part, the outer circle will be explained.

See you next time!

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