#105 The road to success – Week 41/2019

As mentioned in a recent post, I have implemented some new changes to my blog. In this weekly update about my life, I have made some changes as well. In the following, you can see the new weekly statistic.

Reflect to Improve

What did I learn this week?

  • The fear of the uncertainty is way bigger, then I had expected
  • My new class about marketing is awesome!

How did the goals from last week work?

  • I decided on the lectures and got everything I wanted
  • I started to do my Nordschleife meditation every single day
  • I tried my best to calm down, but it was very hard. The new 20 minutes challenge and some conversations with friends helped a little bit.

Top three goals for next week!

  • Write my first paper about Design Thinking
  • Implement my daily workout session into my new schedule
  • Start the e-motor project for formula student with the new students

See you next time!

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