#104 Vision board – My Goals Part I

After having written more than a hundred posts already, we never actually talked about my exact goals.

Maybe you have already spotted this image, which sometimes appears as the background picture on my starting page. What does it represent? It represents the collection of all my goals, I am currently working on since the 07.05.2017. It is my so called VISION BOARD.

My Goals

In the middle of the picture, you can see the definition of the word “Unfuckwithable”

When you’re truly at peace
and in touch with yourself
nothing anyone says or does bothers you
and no negativity can touch you

I guess, this doesn’t require further explanation. What ever you want to do with your life, this skillset will help you more than any other, to keep track of your goals and do not lose the focus besides all the obstacles that will stand in your way.

“Would you have a great empire? Rule over yourself.”

Publius Syrus

When people talk about themself, they often do not really talk about “themself”, but rather about who they think they are. In order to be able to convince others to follow your dreams and passions, you need to find yourself. You! That is that person that appears in the mirror when ever you are looking into one. He or she is always there! They follow us on every single step we take.

Get together as a team, you and yourself. Find your inner piece, get in touch with yourself. Easier said than done! I know! But it is possible! Start with a firm introduction and then go on from there.

If you can become unfuckwithable by definition, this will help you more in life, then any business course at Harvard, or any lottery price.

Not the things that are happening to us, are making us unique, but how we react to them. It is always your decision how to react in certain situations. If you are the master of your soul, criticism, fear and anything else will bounce off your aura and you will be untouchable.

Right before I will lead your attention to the images around the definition of unfuckwithable, I want to give you the explanation of this whole collection of pictures. While the mindset I desire stands in the middle, you can find two circles that surround this definition. The inner circle describes the “short therm” goals” and the outer circle includes the “long term” goals.

So how can you spot these two circles? Every picture, that is directly in connection with the definition of unfuckwithable belongs to the inner circle, while all the others belong to the outer. Quite simple, right?

In the next part, we will talk about the inner circle.

See you next time!

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