#109 20 minutes writing challenge #2 What life is all about

And here we go again. Another day, another song, another 20 minutes of time.

Let the challenge beginn.

No Sleep – Caamp

What life is all about

Awesome day at university, wasn’t it? That lecture, just brilliant. And the report I finished afterwards, really good stuff. Oh, and don’t forget the movie you have seen. “The mule” with a rather old Clint Eastwood playing the main character. What a talent, this guy. Driving drugs across the country, not the most creative story we have ever seen, but who cares, right? In the end, every bad guy gets what he deserves.

In movies, always the good side wins, right? Wouldn’t it just be great to make a movie where the good side loses? That would be something, wouldn’t it? The bad guys win. They steal some fancy car, dealing with drugs and kill people like they wish to. And then, in the end, they just win. They get away. Live the lives they want to life? Bahamas? Cayman Islands? Just somewhere where it is nice, right? That’s were people want to go. They want it warm. Hot. And I am not talking about the girls you would see in that movie. They would be hot as well I guess. Hopefully. We need even more provocation. Maybe having some questionable scenes? Oh, I drift up. “Katzenbabys, Katzenbabys, Katzenbabys”. Laadiedaaadieeedaaa. That movie, I would want to see it. Even considering to go into the cinema.

But this is all so unrealistic, right? Life is not about movies where the dark side wins. Life needs to be correct. You need to be correct. Always playing fair. Be nice to each other, folks. I know what I am talking about, I am German. We are the definition of being correct. What? There is a solid line on the road? Oh, I can not possible drive over that. I need to take the 5 km extra tour until the line gets dashed. That’s our way towards life, right? Everyone playing after the rules. That’s our mentality. Well, and if we have our five minutes here and there, yes, we make some small mistakes, but come one. Isn’t that making us human?

#TimoSchiebIhnRaus” #DTM #TimoPushHimOut

#VW Volkswagen Dieselgate

But come one, that is not fair. You need to have a look at all the good things as well. Yeah, you are right. In the end, no one cares anyway!

This life, what is it really about? Hustling through? Pushing yourself to the limits? Working out like a crazy man? Running in the midday sun?

Life is all about you, you and you. If your day has come, you will leave this place. Naked. Ok, hopefully not literally naked. I mean, if she was hot, why not. You wouldn’t have seen something better anyways. But back to my point. Your life is all about you, your dreams, your needs, your desire, your wishes. Do with it what ever you want to do. There is no playbook, no workbook, or anything else. There is just you and me and some other poor fellows. We all seeking for the truth. Want to get illuminated. Want to find out our higher purpose. But if we could find that out? Do we want to know that?

“Michael Miller. M and double ll.”
“Ah, there it is. Being a hostage on the 17th of march in 2045. Gets killed. Next!”

Do you really want to know that? Better not!

What you should take with you from that text? Live your life until it is too late to live it. Cheers!

See you next time!

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