#110 Give something back

“Hey you! You stole my hearth! Give it back!”

Well, if you have done something cruel like this!? Shame on you! Give it back! Please! Stealing someones hearth? That is not funny anymore! Come on!

Give something back.

If you have stolen something, yeah, you should definitely give it back. But today, we do not talk about that way of giving back. Today is all about giving back, not what doesn’t belong you, but rather a service that someone once was rendering to you.

Maybe you had an accident, maybe you were searching for something, or maybe you just reached a dead end in your life. If you were really lucky, someone was there for you. Some random person passing by and decided to help you on the spot. Or that guy at work, who helped you to get going with everything. Or that person from your soccer club, or the person from your university class.

Life works like traffic. It is a “give and take” environment.

You took a lot? The balance between giving and taking is not equal anymore? Then you know, it is time. Give something back! But to whom, you are asking? It doesn’t matter. We are all sitting in the same boat.

What kind of service do you should render to others? Do what ever you feel to do. This can be a small thing, like open the door for someone, giving someone the parking ticket that is still valid or give someone a ride in your car. If you think those small things don’t matter, then you are wrong. It is always the small things in life that matters most.

Why don’t you pay the toll for your own car and the car behind? Or pay for the guy next in line in the coffee shop.

There are multiple studies that proof, how big that impact is on how those people will feel and act on that very same day.

Back in the old days, when a telephone was a small room where you could go inside, insert some coins and call your loved once, they have done a test. Inside the telephone box, they put some coins at the spot where you usually get your changes, not much money of course, just a view pennies. And then, when the person left the box again, a person walks up to them, act like if it stumble and throw all the stuff to the ground. What do you think? Were they more likely to help that person after finding some pennies inside the telephone box or not? I guess you already know the answer!

I do not want you to throw money everywhere you can, even though that would help as well. In the end, it isn’t about the amount of money, its about the fact that people do not expect that certain behavior. They feel overwhelmed by the situation and a positive energy starts to build up a firewall inside those people, that prevents them from feeling anything besides positivity. At least for a while.

It is time to give something back!

See you next time!

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