#111 Time management

This is a part of Project W (double you)

Time, time is something you probably have a lack of. For you, it is just difficult to find enough time for the things you want to do? The others, for them it is easy. But for you, it is just not working out that way. You have so many obligations. A family. A job. A dog and a cat.

The point you are missing out? Time management.

Time runs for everyone in the same speed. At least for this assumption. What you are making out of this is totally your decision.

Are you really managing your time? Are you really keeping track of what you are doing? Are you really trying to get more efficient with your day to day business?

I don’t think so, because otherwise you wouldn’t read this post.

Time management

Easy to master, hard to start with.

You get a certain amount of time every day. 24 hours to be precisely. In order to do the calculation right, we will not take one single day, but instead one single week. Why? Because not every day is the same. Maybe it is your wife’s birthday? Or the funeral of an old friend? You never know what happens, therefore don’t look at a single day, but rather at one single week.

168 hours. That is the time you have each week.

Remove sleeping, eating and working and you get your “free time”. Time, you have for anything you wish for. Of course we could argue, that you can use some time at work as well, but for this general approach, we will just ignore that fact.

As you can see in my series “The road to success”, there is a weekly report about my time and how I spend it.

If I can do this, you can do this as well.

Just make an excel sheet, write down the categories you spend your time with and document your time spent on each single part of your life.

What is the benefit of that? You will see where you are investing your time. Most of us complain about having not enough time, but in fact, you have more than enough time. You just waste too much on unproductive things.

With such a statistic, you can make the first step. Analyse your current status. You will see exactly how much time you invest for certain areas of your life. Don’t panic, you do not need to be precisely by the minute or even the second. A general overview is more than enough.

The key to success is mastering your time

If you can shave off some time for the things you really want to do, this will automatically lead to success.

One hour a day? What can you do in one hour? Can you imagine that? Where would you stand in your project right now, if you would have worked on your project one hour a day for the last 5 years?

In order to get going in life, you need to start with building up the right foundation on which you can build your “house” later on.

One key feature of this is time management.

Start with this right now! I am that serious!

See you next time!

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