#113 20 minutes writing challenge #3 – Dreamer

Dreamer from Isbells.


I am not sure what I should think about this song. It actually sounds pretty much like that kind of music you would use for a fancy muesli bar commercial.

People are running next to an at least 200 years old tree through meter high golden corn that is moving heavily due to the wind that seems to come out of nowhere. It is summer time, all the guys are wearing chequered shirts in dark red and green, old straw hats and are carrying all the usual picknick stuff you would need on such a day. The girls are wearing hot-pens and a kind of the same shirts as the men, but just tight together at the front to make their bellies visible. One guy has brought his guitar and is blasting out these sounds you can currently hear. Oh, and don’t oversee the dog that is chasing a bird in the right left corner of your visual field.

As one girl started to open up the picknick location by laying the huge blanket somewhere underneath that old tree. All the people start to get together. Each one after the other, some have a seat underneath this big oak tree, while others are still rather running around and are enjoying their freedom. A blond girl is open up the picknick basket and finds next to all the usual stuff this fancy muesli bar. Of course not one, but rather 10, therefore all the people are holding one in their hands after the next cut. Every single one of them is enjoying their little snack while smiling happily into the camera.

What an awesome scene! What an awesome life they have. But is this really what this song is all about? Is this all it gets? A muesli bar commercial? Come one! There must be more.

And here we go again, the song is starting now for the third time. Still, it’s about a dreamer, right? Dreams. What does dreaming mean? Looking forward to a better future? This is of course the dreamactsucceed blog, what do you think will this be about?

Dreams can be transformed into reality. But only if you start to believe in that. Believe in your idea. Believe in your product. Beliefe in your identity. Believe in what you stand for! Believe in yourself!

Remember our friends from the muesli bar commercial. They have figured it out. Earning money by running through a field of corn and bite into a muesli bar? What a job.

Start believing in yourself. But please, stop this song. Why is this getting so annoying? I kind of hate this song after 17 minutes already.

Make your life like this commercial. Enjoy every second of it. Don’t see the bad things as bad things. Remember. You are making it hard by yourself. You are the one who starts to interpret, to doubt the truth, to ask strange questions.

One day, you will have figured it out. But these days? No, you are like the people from that commercial. Running around and wasting time. Valuable time. Your time.

But what does it mean to waste time? What is wrong and what is right?

It is late, the sunset already started in a spectacular way on the horizon. The picknick is already over, the people gone. Whats left are just their traces in the field of corn.

See you next time!

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