#116 Your brain, a powerful tool

Yesterday, I was asked by a friend about some advise for his next semester. In the last ones he really was struggling a lot and needed to repeat some exams.

It seems like this advise is useful for you guys as well, therefore I am writing this short post.

Read “Moonwalking with Einstein” from Joshua Foer, this will explain you how your brain works and how to remember things as easily as checking your mails. Oh, and here is another book, this is about some actual techniques. It is called “How to develop a perfect memory” written by Domenic O’Brian.

“Thank you. But, is it really possible to work through these books in one month?”

That was the exact answer I have received. But what an answer it is.

“Is it really possible to work through these books in one month?”

What this answer implies is a fact, that is burned into our brains these days. This is our mindset? What? I need to read a book? How much time will it take? What? These are 600 pages! I will not finish that in time!


Reading a book and understanding what is said inside are two different pairs of shoes. He wanted to get some help for his current semester, not more and not less. My intention was not to give him a homework assignment that will actually prevent him from studying, but rather show him how it is done probably, this studying he obviously doesn’t do right.

Your brain is a powerful tool! Experts say, there is a lot of brain potential, still untouched by our current way of living and actually I personally see a decline in the correct use of it. In the past, remembering things was the key to everything. But in todays world, we have technology that is supposed to support us where ever it can. When I was young, I knew the telephone numbers of all the friends I had. (Because they were not that many 😂) But today, I know only two telephone numbers. These experiences can of course translated into every walk of life. From going shopping, to learning a language, to studying for an exam. We always tend to use new technologies instead of focus on the most powerful tool we are already in possession of.

Class: “What is allowed at the exams? A Calculator? Books?”
Professor: “Nothing is allowed! NOTHING!”
Class: “Not even my brain?”
Professor: “Your brain is allowed, you can not use it anyway!”

If you carry a screwdriver with you around, but you have no clue what you can do with that, this makes no sense, you wouldn’t carry it around. Why are you carrying your brain with you if you don’t use it?

Your situation can be described as the following.

You are driving a Bugatti Chiron with 60 km/h on the highway in the right lane. Does that make sense to you? Would you really do that? Or would you use the potential of this car? Or at least try it?

You see! Use your brain! Start with these books, but don’t just read them! Live them! Think about what they are talking about. Make exercises and finally master your brain!

See you next time!

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