#125 Language learning – Season 2 Episode 2 – This is not enough! Do more!

In the last couple of weeks, I wasn’t investing much of my time for Italian. This comes due to two facts, no, actually it is just one. I simply haven’t invested enough time. Attempts to introduce a daily routine for learning Italian miserably failed.

Dark clouds over Rome, it is time for a change
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Looking back at where I come from 60 days ago, my language skills haven’t really improved. But this is of course no wonder with investing half an hour here or there. This is just not enough.

So, do I want to change that?
Yes! Sure! I really want to go for it.
How will I do it? Take the easy route or the hard one?
If you are following my blog, you would know, but of course you are not following it. Therefore I need to explain. In my life there are just two options. “Hell yes!!!” Or “No, thanks!” This strategy, which is obviously not from me, but from Derek Sivers mentioned in the Tim Ferriss Podcast show describes it the best. In order to be successful, you need to follow that rule! I learned that the hard way multiple times until I finally figured it out.

Note: You do not know who Tim Ferriss is? What!?!?!? Check this post out! #13 Why you should listen to the Tim Ferriss Show

But why going into the extrem?
As my mother would describe it best, I have a typical black and white thinking process. This means either I am 100% convinced or I hate it. There is nothing in the middle. While this is kind of not the best situation if you are being in an argument with your loved once, it helps a lot if it comes to things like that.

What will I do?

  1. From now on. And I don’t talk about tomorrow, or on the weekend. I mean right now! I will stop watching or listening anything besides Italian. I have already done this with English, it worked, therefore I will reintroduce this method for the Italian language learning process.
  2. Doing one Babble lesson a day.
  3. Read the Italian book I got as a present recently from my friend from Italy.

And this is it. Does it change a lot of my lifestyle? No! That Babble lesson takes like 10 minutes. Reading in the book can be one page, two pages, or ten. And watching Italian videos and movies, I just need to change the language. Not a big deal, right?

The key is of course not to just do something, but rather to invest the time wisely. I am currently doing my annual revisit of the “Moonwalking with Einstein” book, where I get reminded each and every year, that with the right technique, everything is possible.


See you next time!

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