#13 Why you should listen to the Tim Ferriss Show

Starting to listen to the “Tim Ferriss Show” in 2016, my main intention was clearly not to improve my life, but rather to learn the English language passively by listening to the podcasts while simultaneously doing other things like sport, simulator practice or traveling.

Realizing the gift, that Timothy, in particular, is giving you, took me quite some time. But in the end, I got the message.

Very similar to the situation I already described in #5 on why you should read the book and not just watch the five minutes summary online, it is the mindset you develop over time, that enriches your life.

Tim Ferriss’s podcast style is so simple, but unique in the way he is doing it, that listening to it gives you more than just the words you are hearing. The constant changes between different moments in the lives of the podcast guests are the reasons, that are helping you to understand the situation so clearly, that you can actually follow every decision and every thought they had. You get to a point, where the boarders between you and the situation tends to fade away and you start to feel empathy for them and their lives. And this is the kind of state you want to be in, because now you are not only really understanding the problems but also are open minded for the input, that you can collect.

Believe me or not, but if you are getting into this flow state and really absorb what they are giving you, you will notice the impact it has on your life, very soon.

“But they are so long! I cannot listen to a 2 hours podcast!”

Of course, they are long! But nobody said you need to listen to them in one piece! You can divide it in half and boom! Now it is only one hour you definitely have! Just imagine, they would be really short, all those benefits would not be included into the package! Therefore, just be smart and invest some time here and there, to listen to it. Standing in traffic to get to work? Just listen to it! Cleaning the house? Just listen to it! Walking in the forest? Just listen to it! We can do this forever!

Just listen to it! Give it a try! And if it is really nothing for you, then this is ok as well! But at least, you tried!

“Ok smartass, but which podcast episode should we listen to?”

That is a damn good question, being at episode number 375 right now, that would take you at least a complete year for all of them. So do not listen to them all at once! Absorb them step by step! One day at a time!

  • As you have already seen in #5, there is an interesting episode with David Heinemeier Hansson #195 you should listen to
  • Another guest I can highly recommend for the start is Seth Godin #128, #177, #253 and so on, they have done quite a lot
  • or a more recent one like #372, I really liked

If you are ready for the next step, just give it a try! And you will see, that this is not only motivating you every single time you are listen to it, but actually teaches you so much about life. Be clever and learn from the mistakes, others already did for you! And you will improve while doing other things. You will improve, while others will just waste their time in traffic. Do not be like them! Use your time and give it a try.

See you next time!

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