#14 Two weeks of daily blogging

My first two weeks of blogging are almost over and I thought, why not just write about it.

“Is it like you expected it to be?”

Not really! Foolish me, I thought that publishing something online would be hard, exhausting and difficult. But actually, it is not! It makes a lot of fun, it is exciting and it motivates yourself. In fact, it gives me so much motivation, that I cannot stop doing it anymore.

“Are you continuing with writing daily?”

As Seth Godin says, you should write daily. Therefore, I will trust him and go on in my daily rhythm.

“How many people are reading this?”

Not very much, thank god. Because I still need some time to get over the fact, that after clicking on this publishing icon in the top right corner, that stuff gets really out into the wide world web, where everybody can or better say, could be reading this, and this fact alone makes me want to freak out a little bit. So, it is actually quite good, that nobody is really reading this. But that were just words, you want to hear numbers. In average I have 5 visitors a day and currently 3 followers overall. With this post I have written 14 posts with an average of 1009 words, not including this one. That is quite impressive, at least in in my mind 🙂

“When do you write?”

After coming home from work at around 3-5 pm, I have my first meal of the day and start with the blog writing afterwards. I have thought about writing some blogs ahead of time and just publish them at a certain day, but because of my kind of busy schedule I cannot just write 12 hours nonstop, just to get some blogs to be able to survive the week. Oh, and of course I am not that brilliant in writing. I cannot create amazing content in rapid fire mode all day long. I am just a human being, therefore, I need some small breaks from time to time, as well.

“What do you want to change in the next week?”

Because of the reason, that I do not get any feedback from the outside world, I cannot really improve the content in the way, I want it to improve. Therefore, I need to work on the feedback, I am giving myself. And in that list, I should write shorter blogs and stop talking about general stuff. You can listen to that stuff basically everywhere in the web, why should I write about that same stuff as well?

“Is blogging something for you?”

I would definitely say, that this is something for me, because, as you can see, I am still doing it. If I would not like it, this thing would be already over.

“Do you have an impact of the world with this blog?”

Yes!! I have! Because there are some people out there, who are actually reading this. And if just one of them, actually start to change his or her life, then this is enough impact for me! Others write their blogs because they want money, they want fame, they want I do not know what! But for me! I do not want this! If I can help just one single person on this planet to reach their goals because of this, then the mission was successful! And if that person is just me, then this is ok for me as well!

“Why do you not try to get more traction with this? You could reach more people with social media and therefore help more people!”

I know, this is so selfish of me, but I am really not ready to reach more people with this thing. I am just too afraid! And of course, if this thing is really that good, that it has the potential to save the world, then this will spread automatically. Therefore, I can enjoy the small amount of readers and do not need to think about anything besides what I love. And this is writing.

See you next time!


    1. 🙂 tomorrow I will have a run of thirty days daily blogging. I wouldn’t say that my creativity is influenced by it that much, but it takes a lot of time, of course. In the end, I really like the challenge of “having something to say” everyday, because that gives me a lot of extra motivation for the other things in my life.

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