# 15 The longest day – story time

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right”

Henry Ford

This is what Henry Ford famously said and he is totally right with that.

If you think you can, you just do it! But if you do not know what will happen, you just do it, as well! This is the day, where I learned that.

It is a sunny morning in the swiss alps, the weather forecast is not that great, but we do not care anyway. After having breakfast in our hotel, we loaded our road bikes into the car and headed towards the Furkaroad from the south side. Driving up the hill until Gletsch and turning left onto the Grimselpass the weather seemed to get colder and colder. Having reached the top after a while, we realized, that this is not the best weather for our plans, but we kept on driving down the other side. Still holding on to our plans. Soon we realized that it was not really better on the other side and snow was falling from the sky. Deciding, not to drive under those weather conditions, we changed our plans and drove back to the hotel.


Having spent over 2 h in the car already, we arrived back at the hotel at around 11 am. Having scheduled a cycling day anyway, we climbed up the Nufenenpass and wanted to decide at the top, if we just drive back or down the other side.


Reaching the top at around 2 pm the weather was as wonderful as ever, therefore, we decided to roll down the other side to the place called Airolo. Arriving there at around 3 pm we felt pretty good and just continued our tour to Biasca, where we turned left and started to climbed up the hill until Blenio. Reaching this place somehow later on, we turned left again and climbed the “passo del Lucomagno“.

Lukmanier Pass

After reaching the top at around 7 pm we went down the other side to Disentis where we arrived shortly after 8 pm. Having planned in in the afternoon, to take the train from there, we immediately realized, that we had missed the last train by more than an hour. Someone who was still working at the train station told us, the next train would be here tomorrow morning and that the taxi ride into the next valley would cost quite a lot. Well, we were two valleys away from the hotel, so this would have been really expensive.

Train station – Disentis-Muster

So, what did we do? We tried to call the others, to get someone to drive us back, but we did not reach them. Therefore, we decided to drive up the next hill and try to find someone on the road who can give us a lift.

With that idea in mind, we left the train station and started to cycle up the hill. Only one minute down the road, the second car that drove by stopped and we asked them if they could drive us up the hill. It was like in the movies, really!

It was a couple that was living 500 meters away, but they told us, they were hitchhiking through South America for more than half a year and therefore, knew exactly how we felt in the situation. They wanted to help us, so, after letting his pregnant wife out of the car at their place, we started to drive up the hill.

In the car, we had a nice conversation and he even drove us down the other side and up the Furkapass until the top. Thank god, because it was fucking cold out there. At the top we thanked him for the ride, got on our bikes and started to roll down the other side. Wearing a t-shirt, a pair of socks, my biker shorts and a thin wind jacket. It was snowing, the outside temperature was 3 °C and after one minute on the bike, I could not feel my fingers anymore.

Hotel Belvedere

After reaching the hotel belvedere at the Furkapass after something like 5 – 10 minutes, which actually felt more like an hour, we were finally picked up by the car that drove up the hill from our hotel. We reached the hotel at something after 11 pm and I took a hot shower after eating 500g of pasta in five minutes. Being on the bike all day, I could not eat much while cycling.


Around 140 km, 3000 m in height, 9 hours on the bike, and over 6000 kcal of energy burned later, even the “longest day” came to an end.

The whole route

If you think you can, you just do it!

But if had known at 11 am on this day, that this would be the story. I wouldn’t have picked it. Therefore, sometimes in life, it is better to not know. It is better, to just do it! But we are not kids anymore! We plan! We think it through! We want to have a plan B, we want to arrange everything and anything. There should be no uncertainties. And what is the result of this? We do not do what we want to do, or just fell like it! We stop before we even start! We simply ignore it! And do something else!

Therefore, we should implement something like this into our life’s. You do not need to have something like that every day! Me too, by the way. But from time to time, we should just have an adventure. It could be, that you are doing this anyway! But I am not this kind of guy! I am planning everything and anything. Every small detail gets planned to perfection! Obviously, this is not bad all the time, but if I really want to relax and calm down, there cannot be anything on my schedule. Because even the smallest task would kill the harmony.

Goal for this year! Have at least one real adventure! Every one of you!

See you next time!

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