#138 Starting your project

This is a part of  Project W (Double you)

Start, just start!

How hard can it be?

When I took the courage to start this blog thing 138 days ago, this wasn’t the perfect day to start this project. Why?

Because there is never the perfect moment to start a project!

Was I prepared? Well, yes, kind of, but of course not perfectly. I had no clue about blogging, well, in fact I have never even read a blog post before. But have I managed to do it anyways? Yes! As you can see!

Research about your project

What do you do before buying a car? Right, you get some information about it. So before you are starting your project, you can get some information. Talk with people who already did something similar, read books, or watch some videos.

Start with the minimum viable product

At the beginning, there is no need to present a perfectly build and finished product. You are just starting this, therefore there was no time for you to already finish it. The minimum viable product is something you should aim for. Basically you build up a product that has only a limited amount of features that shows your costumers what you want to do. But where is the benefit? The benefit lays in the ability, to get feedback as soon as possible.

Let’s take this blog project here real quick. Do I get feedback? Not really. I mean, there are some comments here and there, but in the last weeks, there wasn’t much coming in. So how can I make sure to match your requirements? How can I simplify the system in such a way, that you really like what you read? You see, without feedback, this is not the easiest thing to do.

But back to the starting process.

I want you to start right now!

https://sportadvisory.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/starting-line.jpg 14.11.2019 7:11 am

And this doesn’t mean to go online, or all in with everything you have. This simply means that you are making the commitment to yourself and start this project right now.

If you want to share your ideas, find people to help you, or want to reach out to me, feel free to comment this blog post or get in contact with me directly.

See you next time!

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