#137 20 minutes writing challenge #9 – The path we take

Recording 15 from Shannon Lay

Another day, another 20 minutes writing challenge. The same rules as always, just me and that song. No script, no plan, no nothing.

The path we take

Today, I do what needs to be done. I go to my meetings, to my lectures, read my stuff, work on my projects and write this blog post. Who tells me to do that? I do that. It is always my decision. I chose to do that. And right now, I chose to do that as well, right? Have I thought about this day five years ago? To be honest, I haven’t. Did I had a plan where I want to go? Yes, of course. But can you really foretell the future? Can you chose the path you are taking through life? Is it in your hands? Or is it your destiny?

Every decision you take, have taken in the past and will take in the future, will change and has changed the path on which you are walking right now. In the end, it was you who is responsible for this and it will always stay like that. You are holding your life in your own hands. You are responsible for this thing you call life.

People are always looking for excuses, trying to get out of the trial innocent. They don’t get it. For them, there are existing so many outside factors that are limiting them. Physically and physiological. I am not obese because of my lifestyle, the food I eat, or the lack of sport I am doing.

“I am obese because I am an old man and have those genes from my parents. They were obese as well!”

For this poor fellow, there is sadly nothing he can do to change his position. As you can see, he is just a small and obese man who has to work against those overwhelmingly huge outside factors. They are directing his life! He, he is just a passenger. A victim.

But hey, what if that person will realize one day, that it is just his mindset that is wrong here? Yes, you are old, and yes, your parents were obese as well. But that is not the reason why you are obese. You chose to be obese! Every single day you have spent on this world, this is the outcome of your actions. But people, they don’t see that. For them, it was all over right in the moment, when they were born into the wrong family.

“My parents weren’t rich, they couldn’t afford my higher education. Therefore, I am trapped. This life, my story is already chiseled in stone. That is my destiny.”

Well, with that mindset, it is really already chiseled in stone already.

What would happen if every single person on this planet would realize the mistake they are doing and changing their lives?

It would be a disaster! Really! You can literally do everything you want to. Every single task that was performed or will be performed by a human being is something you are capable of as well. But how would that look like?

Welcome to the this years Iron Man run in Hawaii, we are welcoming 100 million competitors.

The way we are living today, it wouldn’t be possible anymore. But luckily, this was just a thought in my mind. People are way too ignorant to start thinking about their own faults and mistakes. The others, they are responsible for that! Those politicians, the mean boss, the neighbor that wants to make you feel bad.

“It can not be my fault, right?”

Believe what you want. But the day will come, sooner or later, when you get it. Hopefully, it will not be too late, then.

Have you ever wondered why people changed so dramatically after being very ill, or having a life changing moment? Those situations, they are changing something in you. But it’s not a physical change, there is something going on in your mind. Because your mindset will change! You wake up from your delirium and realize what is really important in your life.

Time is up…

See you next time!

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