#136 Meditation 4.0 – Season 2 Episode 2 – The Nürburgring Nordschleife meditation

As mentioned in the last episode already, this season will focus more on the actual “how to meditate”. Therefore I want to present the next meditation practice today.

As you can already guess by the name, it has something to do with the Nürburgring Nordschleife, my favorite race track. The basic idea grew over time and started originally in an attempt to switch off my brain in a meditation session. Well, that session wasn’t that effective, to be honest, but the basic concept that came out of it was.

So how does it work?


I take a seat, get comfortable and close my eyes. All the distractions are switched off, my phone is at least at the other side of the room, in silence mode, my family knows that I do not want to get disturbed and there is nothing else left on my schedule to do.

I always start in the pit lane. It doesn’t really matters if I start in the Nürburgring GP pit lane or the pit lane at the T13 corner. I get into my racing suit, get on my helmet and walk through the pit garage, talking to the crew. I choose the car, open the door, have a seat and buckle my self up. I check if my gloves are sitting tight and if the mirrors are well adjusted. I start the engine and heat up the drivetrain. When the steering wheel is at it’s correct position I can try to calm myself down and get ready.

In this phase of the meditation you should really focus on the details, to be able to get into the moment. This may seem silly to you right now, but actually, it helps you quite a lot to switch off and forget about your day to day business. You want to get into the moment. At the beginning of a meditation, I drift of way too easily, therefore I give myself some time, which helps a lot to keep the focus in the main part of the meditation.

The main part

“kkkkkrrrrrr Go, Go, Go kkkrrrrrr”

The racing engineer gives me the go. I engage the first gear, check my mirrors and start driving into the fast lane.

And now, the real meditation session begins.

I just drive the whole track from start to finish. But not only that, I go through the exact process. Starting from the driving line, over the breaking and turning in points to the smallest details like checking the mirrors between turning in, or checking the oil temperature. Every move I make, every task that needs to be done in real life. I do in the meditation as well. There are even other cars coming up that want to overtake me, or accidents that has happened before me.

As you can see, this is like a guided meditation. There is an exact path I follow. This is like painting by numbers. You just follow the sequence. The moment you are “off track”, you will instantly notice it because you are hitting the barrier hard and can go back to the last moment you remember.

Going out

“kkkkrrrrr pits, pits, pits kkrrrrrrrr”

My engineer wants me to drive back into the pits. I leave the track, watch out for the speed limit and set the pit limiter for driving with a constant speed. I am looking for the right place to stop and let my team work on the car. I switch off the car, buckle myself out and get out of the car. While walking into the pit garage, I give the car a pat on the side rear fender and open my helmet.

This phase is the end of your meditation. You come back. Get out of your safe environment and are ready for the TV reporter who wants to ask you about your stint.

And this is it. Mhh, you do not look so happy. Ah, I got it. You do not know the track, or even how to drive that. No problem, you can do the same thing for your way to work, or go shopping in the supermarket, or walk the way to school you were doing every day in first grade. It really doesn’t matter, as long as you can completely switch off.

For me, this way I can not only switch off, but I can also improve my track knowledge, which is just awesome.

Do you have any questions, comments, or something else to say? Just leave me a comment.

See you next time!

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