#148 The thing about money – (extended 20 minutes writing challenge), #11

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Money, the greatest thing in the world, right? I mean, it rules the world. It is the thing the world turns itself around, right? Without money, ha, there is nothing without money. You are nothing without money…

If you ask people what they think about money, you will get very different answers. Some are really obsessed about it, while others seem to really do not give a fuck. But why is that so? What should we think about it? What should be our strategy towards it?

The thing about money is a funny thing. With it, or without it, you stay the same fool you are already are. Does money make us happy? This question is always a good ice breaker at a party, right? I mean, I don’t go to parties, but if I would, I can imagine this isn’t the best start for a conversation, right? I mean, it would be a pretty interesting conversation. But anyways. That question is just one of the most controversial questions in history, right? So what do you think? Will you be better off with more money than you can actually carry? This is of course no question of honor. A German saying get’s it to the point.

“Über Geld spricht man nicht, Geld hat man.”
“You do not speak about money, you just have it.”

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/resizer/JoUmM2ygGek1cQirAhFva04qWUE=/767×0/smart/arc-anglerfish-washpost-prod-washpost.s3.amazonaws.com/public/EBULPVFULQI6PG4TXFYEHZL2EI.jpg 24.11.2019 7:42

So, please, don’t talk about it, just have it. What is so difficult about that? Just shut the fuck up and show me what you got. A house, a car, a holiday in the Middle East? Going to fancy restaurants, enjoying delicious wine bottles from the southern France of the sixties?

What makes us believe that money makes us happy? I guess, it is the dream we all have in mind. We want to be free. We want to see a point in this nonsense we call life.

But what is a healthy approach towards money? I personally have a very unique mindset about this. What makes it unique? Ha, good that you ask! Nothing, it’s just what each and everyone of us think. We think we have it under control. We think that our way is the right way. The golden way. The way to success in terms of having a yacht, a helicopter and a very fancy sports car.

The thing about money, there is no right nor is there a wrong. I mean, in the end of the day, you need to be fine with your own life. You need to be able to look back at your life and tell your grandchildren, that it was really worth living this life. Your life. The life you wanted to live.

Does money help? Sure it does. Money opens doors, doors of opportunity. Have you ever thought about the question why the rich are getting richer? Well, we could argue about this thing for ages, but just deal with this one fact. If you have “enough” money, life is pretty fucking amazing. Just kidding 🙂 It really doesn’t matter how much money you have. If you live a miserable life, money doesn’t change that. People always have that dream,

“One day, I will have enough money, and then, I do not need to work anymore!”

And what do we think about people like that? Yeah, what ever! If you are happy with that. Fine! Do it. Go for it. Well, have you heard about that new trend, where young people show you online how to get financially independent? What do you think about this idea? For me, I it is a tricky thing. I mean, with the first part about saving money and actually knowing your expenses, I am impressed! Because that is something very essential here. But when they go on, they leave the holy trail. They were so close, already on the path, but no, they took a wrong turn. Sorry guys, but maybe they will find their way back. Let’s see. Let’s prey for them. Funny thing, I do not even believe in god anymore. But you don’t want to hear my religious background, I get it. You want to hear what they are doing wrong, these successful young kids. It is quite easy, they do that for their financial independents, they want to arrive. To be at their final destination. But what they don’t get?! Life is not about arriving, and it never was. Life is about the journey, because life is a journey. Your life, my life, the life of each and everyone of us. It is just that, a journey.

But people do not want to accept that, right? The funny thing, we already know the answer why. We attack their lifes, their believes, everything they are working for. Fighting every day. They push through, they work hard, pretty damn hard. Why? Because they are on a mission! They want to get there. To the end of their suffering. But hey, I am really sorry. Really! And it is not worthless what you are doing. Really! It isn’t. But at the end, you will never be satisfied. After the first Porsche, you want to have another one.

There is no chance for you to arrive. There is just you and your journey.

The thing about money. You need to understand it. Dig deep! Figure out how it works. And then, you simply start to live in the moment. You need to love the process! You really need to.

But maybe I am just different. I have a different view on the world. I see it with other eyes.

Actually I have stopped the time and went on and on. Why, you are asking? Because I fucking love this. I am here! In the present. It is Friday evening. 9:51 pm. I have a lecture tomorrow. On a Saturday, can you believe that? That’s when you love the process! I am sitting on my bed in my little apartment. The room is illuminated in a fancy dark green, and this song goes on and on. Again and again in a loop. But to be honest, I do not even hear it anymore. I am not there anymore, in this apartment. I am totally in the flow. Time is flying by. But I, I don’t care. I love it too much.

The thing about money is, that you need to start working on this today. Be aware about your spendings. Think about ways to make some money here and there. But hey! You need to love the process. That is the reason why I don’t invest my money in online stuff I have no clue about. It just doesn’t interest me.

Final words. If you have read this thing, congrats. But have you really understood it? Do you really see the things I want to show you? If you have any questions, just ask. Now is the time for you to understand. The sooner you get this right, the sooner you can actually start to enjoy your life.

See you next time!

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