#149 Passion, Motivation & Mindset – Season 2 Episode 3 – The mindset mess

Once you have decided what to do with the rest of your life, it is just a matter of doing it, right? Well, even if you have the greatest mindset on this planet, you will still experience some ups and downs.

The mindset mess

Staying to 100% behind your projects, every single day? That is not even possible for me. I often times refer to that as the “mindset mess“. But what do I mean with that?

Well, it describes the ups and downs of your mindset while working on a certain topic. Once you have started this new thing, you felt like this is the best idea ever. You are absolutely sure, that this is the big thing you have waited for so long. This is it! You feel motivated! Everything seems to make sense now! This is your mission! Go for it!

But after some days, the first doubts come up. You start to think about it in a different way. You ask questions you haven’t asked before. You see the whole thing just as it is and not like it seemed to be. You wonder what can go wrong. You doubt the system. You doubt your own abilities. You question your mission. The negativity seems to overwhelm your mindset.

Well, this is of course not just a one directional process. You can also experience some better days. But I mean, you already know what I am talking about. It is just that alternating process between thinking about it as the best idea in the world and on the other day as the worst Idea ever created.

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But what can we do about it? How can we deal with the mindset mess? How can we keep a cool head? For years I tried to figure this out, and well, what can I say. Actually it is possible to overcome this.

First of all, it is always the same. This process in your mind. It follows a pattern. Your mind attacks the same weaknesses of the project, again and again. Using weapons like the money issue, or the time investment, or simply the factor of fear or pressure.

If you have dealt with it once, you can deal with it again. The question is just, how you can deal with it?

In engineering practice, you have a very similar situation. You get a task, a problem, or a new product idea, and then you start working on that. During the project you need to have a look at the big picture. Analyzing the weaknesses, the strength, the risks and the chances.

So, why don’t you do the same? If you know your project well enough, you can start to decrease the effects your changing mindset will have on you. You simply talk to yourself.

“Stop, don’t go that way again. We have already talked about it. It is fine! It will work, because I am responsible for it, and I will endure! I will make this a success!”

But does that help? Not at the first time! That’s for sure. But you will get the hang of it after a while. And then, it is actually pretty easy to maintain.

Is the mindset mess something your should avoid under any costs?

Actually, you shouldn’t. Of course it seems like this very annoying thing that prevents you from reaching your goals, but on the other side, it lets you question your doing, reflect your work, and gives you the chance for improvement. Therefore, it shouldn’t be erased from your life, but rather get domesticated.

In order to move on, you can not stop. One step at a time! Remembering the endless step? Your mindset doesn’t need to be in the perfect state of mind in order for you to work on your projects. Practice the argumentation and you will see, you will find back together as a team, you and your mindset.

See you next time!

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