#157 Live your dream

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Live your dream

Easier said than done, right? For the most of us, we can not do that right now. There are obligations in our lives, tasks that need to be done, deadlines that are coming up. But after that, I will definitely do that! I will finally live my dream! But for today, na! That is not possible.

This was my excuse and still is my excuse when ever I fall back into my old mindset, which, to be honest, happens rather often. But why are we doing that? Finding excuses? We know that there is an alternative path to go through life. But still, in our day-to-day life’s, we tend to ignore that fact. We pretend to do not know that. We fool ourselves.

How often do I hear myself talking to another person and agreeing on their wrong statements about life, the mindset, or what ever it is. It is just too easy to blend in with the mass, swimming in the same direction. Of course that is not right, we know that. But still, it seems to be the better option. What would they think about me? What would they say?

“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.”

Winston S. Churchill
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So, what does it take to live your dream? It takes anything! You need to leave the cover you were hiding behind all the time and go all in. Your dream needs to become a part of you. There needs to be a direct linkage between you and your dream. It is your dream for a reason, show that. Live it!

But they will laugh about me! They will talk it small! They will make me feel miserable!

Of course they will! But this is the only chance for you to reach your goals. You can either live your life in the way they want you to live it, or you live your dream. It is totally up to you. But what ever decision you are making, at the end of your life you need to be able to say “This was really worth it!

People want to have security in their life. Of course not in the form of a bodyguard, who follows you on every step you take, but rather in the form of a feeling that your life is safe, your job, your place to life, your retirement. Especially in Germany, this can be seen in every walk of life. We are seeking for the safety net that prevents us from falling down. “In doubt, flat out?” No, not for us. We don’t like taking risks.

But this is exactly the thing that is standing in our way. “We don’t think outside the box“, so to speak. We like it here in our comfortable and safe environment. Why should we jump into the cold water? Making our hands dirty, or risking our reputation? Nah!

Go hard or go home!“, is not only a motivational piece of information, but also a very good advice towards life. Either you are fully committed, or you better don’t touch it. This will make life easier!

But what do I want to tell you with all of that?

This life is your life. You can do with it what ever you want to do with it. I can not tell you what is right or what is wrong, because there is no right or wrong. The only thing that should matter in your life are your dreams. The things you want to accomplish, the challenges you want to participate in.

Go all in with your mind, work on your dream 24h a day and you will see, there is only one way for you to go. Your life has no other chance than to accept your dream and make it become a reality.

See you next time!

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