#156 Meditation 4.0 – Season 2 Episode 4 – An Update on my regular meditation practice attempt

Remembering the last Episode, where I was talking about the perfect meditation practice I want to have in my life? If not, just go back to it. Well, as the title of that post suggested, I wanted to find a better meditation practice for my day to day life. The technique I used to find that perfect solution is called TRIZ, which has it’s background in the engineering world.

Well, what’s the current status on that?

The current situation can be considered as the following. While trying to really do a meditation every single day, it still doesn’t feel that effective and calming to me. Therefore, I used an old trick to improve upon the situation. In order to get my thoughts together and stop thinking about all the things that are currently going on in my life, I reintroduced an in between activity for that. It is called Qigong.

What is Qigong?

Being not an expert on that topic yet, I will not make a perfect statement right now. But I consider, doing a whole blog post about that in the not so far distance, so stay tuned on that. For today, we just need to live with the fact, that this is a very effective way to feel into your own body and calm the fuck down. The movements, which are very slowly in nature and are synchronized to your breath work are just fantastic for letting your mind focus on that, and nothing else. I do those exercises every day before going to sleep for a couple of minutes, which really has an impact on how I fall asleep afterwards. I even have a more physical demanding way of doing it, where I do the exercises just a little bit faster and with more repetitions, which makes it more exhausting in the end. But generally speaking, Qigong feels very grounding to me and has always a positive impact on how I feel.

Ok, sounds like at least that is working kind of ok, but back to the meditation practice.

Which technique do I focus on right now?

Right now, I focus on the most simple technique possible. I sit down, close my eyes and breath. That is it. When ever a thought comes up and I do not get fooled by it in such a way, that I ride the unicorn, or win the 24h race, then I realize the thought as just that, a simple thought and push it away.

Image source: https://dreamsonthewall.com/image/cache/catalog/category_dreams_on_the_wall/kids-children-riding-unicorn-magic-animal-fantasy-ride-sky-fly-clouds-lights-horse-wallpaper-mural_cut-0x0.png 02.12.2019 9:35

Well, sounds like you are really working on that. For how long do you want to test out the current situation?

Being able to spent a lot of time on that, if I want to, I try to increase the hours for it in the next couple of weeks until Christmas. The sun is going down way too soon anyways, therefore there is not much else I can do here at university during the week to free my mind.

Is there something else you want to add to the topic?

Actually, yes! How did you know? You were thinking about it, idiot. Ah, right! So, the thing I want to mention.

Last week on Friday, I had a presentation in front of the class, well, while this is a very huge event, at least for my inner self, I was close to freaking out about the fact, that I needed to wait for more then four hours until it was finally my turn. During that time, I fought an internal battle against my mind, which wanted me to believe that this task will be hard and difficult, and I will probably fail and everyone will laugh about it. So in the end, I was going back and forth between really wanting to present my project and being afraid about doing it. Well, if you would know me better, you knew, that I actually like to present something in front of other people, it is just the freaking out part right before the presentation, I can not deal with.

The funny thing about that? There were only like 8 people left in the room, which had absolutely no interest in listening to what I had to say, so there was really nothing to worry about, but still, I do not have my thoughts under control. I need to really find a way to do that.

Therefore, I will focus more than anything else on exactly that, keeping it cool, even under high stress situations.

See you next time!

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